On Demand Webinar: Why do you need a separate archival solution for O365?

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We all know that cloud email solutions offer plenty of benefits related to security, data back-up, infrastructure, maintenance, etc. However, customers of cloud email services, we’ve spoken to, have expressed concerns about the inbuilt archival features, not being easy, not doing enough to meet compliance needs, and having limited e-discovery capabilities. In addition, difficulties in extracting large volumes of data is challenging, with not enough protection from loss of email data from malicious removal or accidental loss.

These concerns are fueled by increasing regulation, incidences of litigation, and operational needs, which make it necessary to have immutable storage of email data, along with speedy, accurate and complete access to it.

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In this webinar we spoke about:

  • Basic requirements of Email Archiving solution?
  • Why do you need a separate Archival solution for Office 365?
  • Manage and Secure your email data for Office 365 using Vaultastic.
  • Integration with Office 365.

Questions asked during the webinar

  • What is the TAT for support in case of any Problem?
    Vaultastic follows a subscription model, where we support our customers through the entire life cycle of their use of the product. During the subscription period, the customer receives the service backed by an SLA, which gives them access to a 24/7 help desk, which guarantees a one hour response on critical issues.
  • Are we required to deploy any software or database in case of an O365 setup?
    There is no need to deploy any software or database, the Vaultastic connector for O365 uses the Journaling feature which is available in O365 and all other popular email platforms. It allows to send a copy of every mail (both sent and received by the user) to an independent and one to one mapped Vaultastic store.
  • Is it be possible to migrate existing mail or data onto Vaultastic? Will there be any extra charge?
    The DURABILITY plan of Vaultastic, offers unlimited storage, forever retention and allows migration of historical mail data onto Vaultastic. Depending on the size of the data, there may be a one time service effort to move the data from your premises to the Vaultastic cloud. For more information on pricing and plans, Click here.
  • How is the deletion of any data from any user captured and retrieved? How to protect copy rights and product patents from being stolen from email?
    Vaultastic stores a PHYSICALLY separate copy of the mail in a tamper proof READ ONLY cloud vault. This means that even if the user deletes the mail from the primary mail account, that mail will still be available on Vaultastic. Preventing data theft via email is more a function of a DLP (Data leak prevention) system and less of an archival or backup system. An archival system could be used to analyze all the mail which were sent and figure out patterns of data carried in those to identify theft (however this is post mortem).

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