On Demand Webinar: Why Cloud Archiving is Best Suited for On-Premise Mail Servers?

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Have you hosted your own mail server? Very often the built-in email archiving capabilities of mail servers fall short of expectations. IT Admins will also vouch for how setting up and maintaining on-premise archiving solutions is a complicated and time-consuming task.

This is where a third-party cloud email archiving solution such as Vaultastic comes to the rescue.

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In this webinar, we spoke about:

  • What is Email Archiving?
  • How does Email Archiving work?
  • Why Archive Email?
  • Why Archive Email on the Cloud?
  • Why Vaultastic?
  • Why Storing Data on the AWS Cloud is Safe, Secure and Private?
  • ISMT’s Success Story (background, challenges, solution, results)
  • Why Cloud Archiving is best suited for On-Premise mail servers?

Questions asked during the webinar

  • Can I use one interface for multiple domains?
    By default one admin can administer a single domain. However you can raise a ticket with Mithi to change an admin role to allow a single administrator to manage more than one domain.
  • You mentioned we can use Vaultastic to reply and forward email. Is this email setup on cloud or who hosts this email configuration?
    Vaultastic is a cloud based solution (SaaS) that is hosted on the AWS cloud with data centers in Mumbai and Singapore.

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