On-Demand Webinar: Rolling out Baya V3 with ConnectXF

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Baya V3, the next generation web client and the new release of the calendar server.

Keeping this in mind, we are hosting this training session for all our ConnectXF users.

In this webinar we will walk you through the setup and prerequisites, to help you smoothly roll out Baya V3 with your ConnectXF account.

Questions asked during the webinar

    • What is the main difference between Baya 2 & 3?
      Broadly speaking, Baya 3 is very responsive, it can be accessed through mobile as well. It has a 3 pane window, just like in Outlook. There is an improved calendar setup along with many new exciting features such as tasks, PGP encryption, re-usable templates, OTP or multi factor authentication etc. Learn more.
    • Can we migrate the setup from V2 to V3?
      The existing setup cannot be migrated, you will have to have additional hardware for Baya V3.
    • Can we discard Baya V2 and use Baya V3?
      That is not possible, Baya V3 is just like any other client, connecting to the mail server such as Outlook or Thunderbird, it is not like Baya V2, which is running on the mail server itself.
    • Could we get these mails in our cell phone?
      Yes of course you can get it. Unlike V2, which was not mobile friendly, Baya V3 is extremely responsive, so in mobile the benefit is you don’t have to download any client, you can simply open any browser and log into Baya V3.
    • If we want to upgrade the existing hardware of V2 (version 3.28), then how can we integrate this with the new V3?
      This is possible through a VM environment, you can have two VMs. Ideally there should be separate hardware for both. But through VM configuration, you will have one VM for V2 and the mail server and one VM for V3, of course you will have to take care of the server sizing accordingly, so that the performance will not degrade by integrating both in one hardware.
    • For how long can we continue using V2 (version 3.28), if we do not opt for V3 as of now?
      We encourage you to take a trial, to see how Baya V3 is, which has already been deployed for our SkyConnect customers, who have given a very positive response. However, if you still wish to continue with V2, then the end of life for the Baya V2 client is the 31st of March 2019. After the end of life, there will be no support for the client.
    • What about support for ConnectXF?
      The end of life pertains to only Baya V2 and not ConnectXf which is the mail server. Therefore support will continue as per normal.

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