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As you may have noticed, you can now see a link to access Baya V3 from your existing sign up page. Our development team has been hard at work, to make sure that you have an interface that is effortless to navigate through.

With multiple new features added, Baya V3 will help you stay at the top of your game when it comes to your communication and collaboration requirements.

As the access to Baya V2 and the older calendar server will be discontinued from Feb 1st 2019, we urge you to get familiar with the new client by configuring your account to use Baya V3 and the new calendar.

In this webinar we shall run through step by step, the various new features that have been added, and how they can benefit you and your team.


  • The new Interface
  • Working of Email
  • Working of Contacts
  • Working of Calendar
  • Migration from Baya V2 to Baya V3
  • Differences between Baya V2 and V3

Questions asked during the webinar

    • Will there be any changes for email configuration through the Outlook desktop?
      No, there are no changes for the email configuration. Your URL and ports for accessing the desktop client remains the same, what we have upgraded is the web client for your users, instead of Baya V2 you now get Baya V3 which is the web client which has access to all the applications. In addition, there is an update to the calendar server.
    • If end users create calendars in Outlook how will it impact Baya V3 instead of V2?

      With Baya V2 there was an older version of the Calendar server, so to configure it on Outlook required a different set of urls. With the new upgraded calendar which is a more powerful calendar, with much more functionality, new urls have to be configured on Outlook to access the new calendar.

      As far as Outlook, Thunderbird, all your mobile, desktop clients are concerned, there will be no change in the email access. The calendar servers will have to be migrated to use the new server, but before the Outlook, Thunderbird or Mobile client is reconfigured for the new Url, the older data from the calendar server which was created with Baya V2 has to be migrated to the new calendar server. End users should be instructed to download the calendars from Baya V2 and import it to Baya V3. This will be available to them on desktop as well.

    • Can you elaborate on the save2sent items being enabled or disabled for desktop client?

      With Baya V3, to see the mail sent using Baya V3, a server setting called save2sent items has to be enabled. When you enable this for your domain and end users, the server will automatically copy a mail sent by you to your sent items folder. This is a server level setting, so this is irrespective of any client a user is using, so whether you are using the web client or a desktop client, if the save2sent items option is enabled on the server, the mail sent by the end user will go to the sent items.

      If an end user has configured the save2sent items option on the desktop, then mails sent using a desktop client will be duplicated in the sent items folder, because the server will put one copy and the client will also put one copy. So when you enable this setting on the server, the client setting has to be removed. You can refer to the documentation here. In case you need any more assistance, please feel free to write to us and we’ll be happy to help.

    • What’s the major benefit with this upgrade for Outlook?
      The major benefit is the new Calendar server so that your calendars are in sync with the web, desktop and mobile clients. Even if Outlook is not accessible to the end users when they are travelling, they can see all their calendar entries on the web client.
    • In my organisation 90% users are using the Outlook app. In this case, what should be the advice to end users?

      If users are comfortable using Outlook, let them continue to use Outlook and re-configure their calendar servers. If they are using the calendar app, maybe you can also inform them about the new Baya web client, which they can access when they are roaming, and give access control through Outlook only when they are in Office.

      Since Baya V3 is now usable on tabs and mobiles, having a responsive interface, they can easily access their mails without configuring any desktop and mobile clients.

    • What are the chat options available with Baya V3?
      In SkyConnect we have integrated a chat server, which means an xmtp server is available to use with your installations. What is not available to use in Baya V3 is an integrated chat client, however chat clients can be continued to be used using desktop chat clients or mobile chat clients. This year we shall release new chat clients, so you can have web access to chat clients as well.
    • What all mobile clients will we be able to use in Android?
      One is the native mobile client. Another option available with Baya V3 is that you can use the mobile browser to go through your email calendar and other applications. Since the interface is responsive, you need not configure any app on your mobile, andcan use the Baya 3 interface through a browser.
    • How does the Quota work on V3?
      Quota works the same way as with Baya V2, as soon as you delete mail from Baya V3, your used quota will get updated.
    • What is a distribution list and how is it used?

      A distribution list is a group of users to whom you want to send a single mail. For example, there is a sales team and you want to send a mail to the entire sales team, then you can send a mail to the sales team id, and the mail will be sent to all the individual users. With Baya V3 you can see not only the distribution lists available but also the individual members of these lists, which was not possible with Baya V2.

      In addition, you can define your own personal groups, for example, after you do a search through all the users in a certain location, you can define that as a search and re-use that search as a quick way to get all the members of that dynamic group and send a mail to them.

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