Preserve legacy email data on the cloud with on-demand e-discovery & stay compliance ready with Vaultastic’s Hold plan

Mithi software announces a new plan in Vaultastic, the cloud email archiving solution, to help any organization upload, govern, discover, extract and manage legacy or historical email data.

Critical information that is often stored in email includes agreements, contract negotiations, commitments, issues, invoices, reports, notifications, contacts, etc., makes it essential for the organization to preserve this data securely for extended periods of time to ensure business continuity and meet compliance goals.

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As employees come and go, their email data is collected and stored on various mediums such as tapes, drives, suspended mailboxes, endpoints, etc., creating fragmentation of the data, spread across the organization.

These traditional methods of preserving historical email data in most organizations increase data related risks and are not useful since all this data is stored in the raw form, making it difficult to access and search.

“Businesses are keen to de-risk on this front and figure out a way to centrally preserve all their legacy email data, be ready for regulation compliance and leverage this accumulated wealth of information (70% + business-critical data is carried in email) for business decisions, insights, knowledge discovery and extraction” Sunil Uttam, Co-founder, Mithi Software Technologies.

Vaultastic’s HOLD plan and automated migration tools always enable an organization to import/migrate legacy email data in a central elastic repository (an email data lake) and have all of this content online and search ready. A self-service portal with advanced e-discovery can help the organization run complex and deep queries to discover and extract data on demand, preparing them for compliance, always.

“Users can either migrate data directly from their live mailboxes or upload PST/EML/MBOX files at their own pace using Vaultastic’s Historical Data Uploader application, putting the users in control of their schedules and projects.” Aditi Malaviya, Co-founder, Mithi Software Technologies.

Vaultastic’s HOLD plan (charged per GB), offers organizations the advantage of preserving data in a separate infrastructure, safely, securely, with optimal costs thus saving organizations the cost and complexity of maintaining suspended mailboxes, storage devices, other storage mediums etc.

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