Save 10% with Vaultastic Bundle Offer: Ease backup management for your email data

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Vaultastic and SkyConnect Bundle Offer

Often businesses do not consider email archiving when looking for an email solution.

The exponential growth of email makes it necessary to find an archiving solution to avoid getting bogged down by the task of backing up data and ensuring business continuity.

From the archives: A bank faces a backup nightmare

Not long ago, one of our customers, a regional bank were up to their ears in email data. They backed up their older email onto USB drives every week, in an attempt to clean their mail store and to manage their ever growing email data. Thereby adding a new USB drive almost every week.

Restoring data was something no one wanted to attempt as it was quite difficult to pinpoint what mail was in which USB drive. Added to this was the risk of stocking all these USB drives at the same location adding to the risk of data loss.

Vaultastic was the natural solution. The email archiving solution comes with multi-layered security and 99.99999999999% data durability, while being on cloud guarantees more security and safeguards against data loss. The in-line archiving assured that mails were archived before delivery to the inbox, guaranteeing all the mails exchanged were always archived, thereby ensuring business continuity for the bank.

An end to email backup management nightmares

If you are a SkyConnect customer or considering subscribing to the service, we have some good news. We are now offering a Mithi SkyConnect + Vaultastic bundle at an affordable price for complete and secure backup of all your mails.

Customers can look forward to a 10% bundle discount on the first year’s total price of Vaultastic Continuity plan upon purchase of Vaultastic along with Mithi SkyConnect. The Vaultastic Continuity plan comes with unlimited storage with a 1 year retention.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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