Vaultastic as a True SaaS

Vaultastic offered as a SaaS email archiving solution is a shared, multi tenant platform hosting multiple customer domains and their email archive data. Each customer’s data and configuration is virtually separate from the other customer’s information.

Vaultastic SaaS is now also available from the AWS India region
Vaultastic is also available as a private dedicated deployment on the cloud

Benefits of True SaaS setup of Vaultastic

Pay As You Go & Pay only for what you consume

Instead of provisioning and paying upfront for storage resources, subscription or capacity, you can opt to consume as per your need and pay only what you consume, as you go, with no upfront commitment. This allows you to scale up or scale down your consumption with your business needs and your billing remains optimal. Subscriptions can be usually halted at any moment. Buyer’s risk is scaled-down to the minimum.

Accessible from any locations

Vaultastic as a SaaS, is securely available for use via any Internet connection from anywhere, making your users mobile and independent. This greatly improves the productivity of users.

No Hardware, No Capex

In on-premise archiving, you would have to procure the storage hardware which results in high capital costs. Moreover, scaling up at a moment’s notice is difficult since it involves careful planning and sizing. As Vaultastic is cloud-based, companies don’t require any infrastructure, which means no maintenance, no management, and no manpower.

Zero Management Overhead

As there is no hardware or software component involved, you are free from having to think about hardware refreshes, contract and lease renewals, software updates, upgrades and patches Even if you run a workload on an in premise mailing server workload, you can still archive email to the cloud. This gives you time to focus on your key business areas and leave the heavy lifting of archival management and automated upgrades to us.

SLA Backed Warranties

The Vaultastic service is backed by a class leading SLA, which warranties performance uptime and documents all the promised deliverables to the customer. This means that the service is engineered and maintained for delivering on the promise of a consistent, guaranteed uptime and data durability throughout the life cycle of your subscription. This again means that you and your team are free to focus on strategic initiatives without having to worry about reliability of the service.

Strong Security & Data Integrity

The data stored in Vaultastic is highly secure. It is saved on a cloud storage infrastructure, which guarantees 99.99% availability and 99.999999999% of data durability. The data itself is encrypted and tamper proof. Audit trails ensure that all activity by users and administrators is traceable. The infrastructure is protected by a shared security model and a multi layered security framework

Bill of Material (BOM)

Vaultastic subscriptionVaultastic application subscription for ingesting, indexing and storing email in user vaults for access and ediscovery via a self service portalBilled periodically
InternetA high quality, high performance Internet link from your offices to connect to the Vaultastic application.At your cost
Onboarding, Migration and upload of Historical dataSet up and configure the archival service, train your administrators on using the Admin console and in the process of migrating historical data.One time depending on the volume of data.

Top benefits

The benefits of true SaaS Vaultastic application include:

  • Opex, pay as you go, pay per use, fully managed, SLA backed with warranties, and more
  • Backup, Security and Safety of all email assured with extreme data durability (99.999999999%).
  • Immunity to any disaster on the primary setup since the mail is stored in a separate operational infrastructure.
  • Easy migration of mail servers and mailboxes since the mail content is available fully in a separate operational infrastructure.
  • Single solution for Backup, Compliance and E-discovery
  • No infrastructure required
  • Elastic and automatically scalable infrastructure
  • Safe, read-only self service portal for all users to search and retrieve their own mail
  • Ediscovery to allow blind searches across mailboxes.


What are the payment options for your SaaS services?

Mithi offers it’s cloud services with the option of two payment agreements:

In this model, you pre-purchase cloud service resources as per your current and perceived needs and opt to pay for these quantities on an annual basis, in advance. Contract periods are typically annual.

Any excess usage during the contract period is metered on a daily basis and billed pro-rata monthly in arrears. Alternatively, you have the option to top up your purchase midterm and pay for the extra resources pro-rated until the end of the contract period.

If you opt for this mode of payment, you don’t have to pre-order any subscription plans or quantities or enter into any time-bound contracts. This is a pure consumption-based model. The system will enable you to use the service as per your needs, meter your usage on a daily basis, and will bill you on your actual usage at the end of every month, in arrears. Learn more about how Pay Per Use works.

Learn more about Mithi’s billing models.

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