Why Email Archiving is important

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In a recent report, IDC states that over 60% of business critical information, sometimes exclusively, is stored in emails. Learn more.

With Vaultastic, you can securely archive mails (including attachments) for Google Apps (Now G Suite), Office 365, Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes (Now IBM Notes), cPanel, MailEnable and other popular email solutions.

Here are 5 reasons how Vaultastic can benefit your enterprise:

1. Unlimited Storage: There are no storage based plans or limits. Simple retention based plans with unlimited storage.

2. 99.99999999999% data durability: All your mails stored in a secure vault with comprehensive security which makes it one of the most secure enterprise vaults yet.

3. Protection against Tampering: Vaultastic is safe from intentional or unintentional deletion of mail and user accounts.

4. Email Journaling: Vaultastic securely archives mails before they hit your mailbox, thus ensuring that all the emails sent and received are always archived.

5. Vaultastic does not require any infrastructure, storage or manpower resources. Get started right away!

For more information, visit: https://www.vaultastic.mithi.com/

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