Are you using Mail Policies effectively to secure your mail setup?

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A while ago, we got a call from one of our customers asking us to help them trace the source of an email, which was sent to all the top management people. This turned out to be a malicious email sent by a disgruntled ex-employee, just before he left the organization. While we did manage to trace the source by using the headers and mail logs, the question remained:

How was such a mail allowed to be sent to the entire top management group?

Although Mithi Connect Xf offers a robust security framework (including mail policies), we discovered (and often find) that the security framework for mail flow control was underutilized. Such situations and more can be prevented before they occur.

Do you know that effective use of mail security policies can actually help to

  • Secure the flow of information to/from the organization and to/from groups of people.
  • Reduce resource consumption by optimizing the mail traffic.
  • Help you control the usage of email for functional groups or departments in your organization.
  • Improve efficiency since this allows you to automate your corporate mail usage policies.

Do you know that the following is possible with mail security policies in Mithi Connect Xf.


Section What is possible Effect Sample usage
Access Control You can selectively block or restrict the POP/ IMAP/ HTTP access to mail boxes by users and specific IPs. Controlled email access by user groups.
Secure Access You can enable and enforce secure channels SSL between the client and server for accessing the mail box via POPS,IMAPS and HTTPS Secure mail transport between clients and server. No chance of wire tapping.
Policies You can allow or disallow mail to be sent or received from users or groups based on rules composed with mail fields. Controlled mail flow between user groups and with external domains

How do you put these to use?

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