On Demand Webinar: Understanding and complying with RBI’s New Email Cybersecurity guidelines 2019

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About this Webinar

In this Value-packed webinar, where Mithi, with a decade+ of experience in meeting email compliance requirements for all of its BFSI customers, Shared key elements of the recently released.

"Email security guidelines 2019, by RBI"

For banks, email has become the primary form of communication with customers, partners and other banks, carrying critical, private information such as bank statements, transaction confirmations, notifications, answers to queries by customers, and more.

Key takeaways included an actionable plan to refactor and upgrade your IT systems in bite-sized phases, to meet the updated requirements.
In this webinar Sunil Uttam, Co-founder of Mithi covered:
  1. Why email has to be secured and preserved in banks.

  2. Understanding RBI's 2019 cyber security guidelines for email use in banks.

  3. Common queries asked by RBI auditors and how to prepare for them.

  4. Best practices to build a secure email platform.

Sunil Uttam
Co-Founder and Principal Solution architect
Sunil has spent the better part of his work life consulting enterprise customers to deploy scalable, secure, future proof solutions. He has studied these latest RBI guidelines and helped our BFSI customers get closer to be fully compliant.

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