Top 3 reasons to upgrade Mithi Connect Xf to ver. 3.20

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Dear Customer

We are happy announce the roll out phase of this eagerly awaited upgrade. While you can review the entire change list of this release 3.20 here, we have brought out the top 3 reasons why you should upgrade and how your setup will benefit from the same.


The new release has specific improvements to optimize the resource utilization by IMAP and LDAP, two of the most heavily used services on the setup. These improvements have resulted in more than 50% improvement in the utilization of key resources of all the servers’ viz. CPU usage, load averages, Swap utilization and I/O throughput with a marked improvement in end user service response time.

Performance Graph

Performance Graph

Source: The performance graphs are taken from the NOC of our cloud based SaaS service, Mithi Skyconnect. The shaded part indicates the time period before the upgrade.

User Experience

A smoother, slicker and much faster Baya (collaboration web client), specially designed to

  • Improve efficiency by reducing number of clicks to perform any operation. Most operations are now single click and without needing to open or view the object, which speeds up the operations many fold.
  • Improve user productivity with proactive notifications, alerts and helpful tips. The interface now talks back to the user and draws attention to items needing some work.
  • Improve response to user with operations like infinite scroll, quick high relevancy search and super fast sort. We analyzed that in more than 95% cases, users found what they were looking for in one operation, first screen.
  • Optimize use of server resources by reducing requests to the server, which in turn also show up as a faster interface for the user.
Baya Inbox Version 3.20

Baya Inbox Version 3.20

More Smarts, More Speed, More Space, More Ways to Collaborate

Mithi has improved the peer to peer and group Video calling application by introducing Screen sharing, which allows the participants to collaborate in real time around document(s) and do group reviews, take decisions, create plans and designs, etc. An in window text chat window allows quick capture of notes during the call, which are automatically archived.

Screen Share

Screen Share

Another exciting development is the integration of the Framebench application with the email attachment viewer in Baya. Once any attachment is opened in Framebench, comments posted on the document will be automatically visible to everyone, every time the document is opened from Baya. Multiple people can view the attachment and comment/annotate on the attachment, live, in real time. Essentially the attachment is hoisted onto a central store and all relevant people access that central document directly, with no copies and versions being made. Try this to see how much time and effort it saves besides the ease of doing the review over a document.



Want to try the software right now?

Please click here to visit our online trial site and evaluate the new version by creating a free trial account.


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