Why Third-Party Email Archiving is Essential for Office 365, G Suite & Other Cloud Solutions

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Businesses are increasingly opting for cloud based collaboration tools over on-premise set-ups to cut costs and secure storage.

The collaboration software suite category includes big players such as O365, G Suite etc. These cloud email solutions usually offer substantial storage as part of their offering with high durability.

Many would think that these cloud email archiving solutions are enough of a guarantee for data security.

However, there are situations such as accidental loss of mail data, which may require a business to consider an email archiving solution as additional security for their critical mail data.

The above listed email services usually offer archiving as an additional option.

Why would you consider a third party email archiving solution apart from the Office 365 email archiving or other similar options?

Well, you should, for these three primary reasons:

  1. As mandatory compliance for a secondary mail store; Often companies are required to store a copy of emails for regulatory reasons. Adopting a third party cloud archive solution creates a secondary store from where mails can be accessed easily in case there is a downtime in the primary mail server, ensuring business continuity.
  2. To reduce the cost of service; Third party archiving can often provide a lower cost option to the archiving solution provided by the mail service provider.
  3. To gain additional flexibility in moving to a different platform; Should you feel the necessity to move to a different platform, a third party archiving can make the migration that much simpler.

Third party email archiving solutions can also help by adding further advantages to the already existing capability of a hosted email service when these are not available as part of the plan.

Here are 7 benefits of using cloud-based 3rd party email archiving solutions:

  1. Storage capacity of mailboxes: Unlimited storage policies offered by third parties can help organizations send and receive a large number of mails each day without the disadvantage of running out of storage space.
  2. Export and import of mails: Third party solutions can export and import mails in various file formats such as PST or EML. This allows easy access of documents in desired file formats saving time and enhancing productivity.
  3. Archived mail security: Many third party organizations allow the use of the archive folders even after the deletion of primary mail server accounts, thereby assuring access to all mails. Customers no longer need to make mailing lists or maintain primary accounts of exited employees in order to backup information.
  4. Email journaling: With third party archiving systems, customers can enjoy email journaling capabilities. The system archives mails before delivery into the inbox of the recipient. Thus retaining all the information and providing utmost data security.
  5. Tamper proof: Accidental or malicious deletion of mails can result in the loss of valuable information, disrupting business continuity. Third party archives generally store mails in an encrypted read-only format, thereby making it tamper proof.
  6. Cost of migrating/ upload: Migration of an old mailing system along with uploading historical mails to the cloud can be a costly and time consuming process. Third parties provide cost effective historical mail upload. In addition, real time mailing systems can be quickly and neatly migrated to the new mailing system on cloud. Thus providing an easy and cost efficient solution.
  7. Flexible purchase options: Often organizations prefer to segment their email retention policy based on usage. One-size-fits-all plans can create an unnecessary financial burden. Third party archiving solutions may provide greater flexibility in terms of the different plans and the flexibility in opting for different plans across sets of users.

So which third party email archiving solutions for Office 365, GSuite and others are you using?

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