The Tiger’s Pride


The dog stirred from his rest
Oh! my legs they hurt so much
Sleep is never quite enough
I wonder today what I’d get to eat
Hope I can find some tasty meat

The mouse who neither had much heart nor a mind
Ran in just about in time
The cousin cats spoke in whispers low
He’s always busy just scurrying this stupid mouse
Wonder if he’s ever in his house

The mouse squeaked to the squirrel by his side
I hope all this ends very soon
I have many to meet before it’s noon

Sitting down made the monkey itch
I think I’d feel better if I swing a little
jump and switch

As all the timid creatures sat down
without a sound
The tiger took his place on higher ground

I never slip I cannot fall
I am the first amongst you all
All creatures faint with my little roar
I do better on any score

I have swam across a rising tide
Not a scratch I have anywhere on my hide

And just as he was to begin another story
of greater feats and bigger glory
The crow sitting in pretense on the tree up high
Dropped something dirty in the tiger’s eye

The tiger could not roar or scream
Didn’t even know if he should cry

It is time and I must go
I have bigger things to do he said
as he turned around and sped

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