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Mithi Culture Code

We have always been proud of our culture and The Mithi Way of doing things. It has been a long time coming, but we are pleased to have finally penned down our culture code.

The Mithi Culture Code helps people understand why we do what we do and how we go about doing things. It is a culmination of our vision, mission, value and culture.

It is also a guide for the future as we embark on a new growth trajectory. It will help define the kind of team we’ll build into the future.

This deck has been prepared with the objective of not just being an internal reference document at Mithi, but also transparently sharing our outlook to the public.

It is by putting out these ideas into the world that we learn from the outside and others can learn from our experience and growth.

This deck, of course, doesn’t capture everything and it isn’t the final word on our workplace culture.

Cultures evolve from learnings from within and outside and so it will be for us. But there will be some values that will stay consistent, for example, a resolute allegiance to excellence and relentless pursuit of it.

34 thoughts on “The Mithi Culture Code

  • I am shortlisted for interview for our company.Sir,I am glad to work with you.I will try to push our company at top position.

    • Mithi helps to customer’s success and many more things about Mithi’s culture code is very intresting and help to motivate ourself to do something extra ordinary than others.Sincerity, frugality, excellence, and innovation are the fundamental drivers for value creation at Mithi.after all team work is also important in project or work which highlighted the Mithi’s culture code differently, Mithi help me bring out my best.
      excited to work with Mithi.
      Thank you , for giving a opportunity to leave a reply.

  • sir,I am shortlisted for our company’s further process.sir, I want to marry with our company. I will do my best to push our company at the top position.sir,I am ready for mine relationship with our company.Thank you sir.

  • It would be a full fledged chance for a person like me who is greatly interested to work with such an enthusiastic and best organisation.To serve the customers with great ideas and to deal with the most brilliant relationship.

    • I urge you to keep trying! As Confucius once said “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.”

  • Going through the mithi culture deck , every candidate want to work with mithi . Mithi’s consideration to humans are mean to create is blessed for improvement and generation of new technologies. The thought of 1R , 3ls and LIP will always help the customers for Saas products and different different solutions. According to the mithi culture code 1 Pledge and 15 commandments make the employee dedicated. Always will happy to work with mithi. #mithiway

  • Hello sir/mam I get selected in mithi culture group of company …And I m so thankful to give me opportunity to give my opinion about our company.
    Sir,mithi group is working for enahance the culture with there emotions and logic …It is proceed by identifying skill that generate cohesion and Co operation and explain how to diverse group learn to function with single mind.. And I like to work in diversity with one purpose and understanding the culture code.
    Culture is not something we are it something we do
    The culture code give power put in our hand …Thank you

  • my career objective is to work with reputed organisation who will provide conducive and competitive atmosphere for personal growth as well as professional growth and I believe that Mithi is that type of organisation. So I will Feel Fortunate to work with Your company . I am hoping that I will have the opportunity to work with Mithi.Thank you so much sir.

  • After going through the ‘Mithi Culture Code’ and the website for quiet sometime, I can clearly say that for Mithi Consumer is the only center of Universe. All the products, services provided by the firm are for consumer satisfaction to its peak.Mithi posses a robust ecosystem which facilitates a strong consumer relationship ability which not only helps the firm to grow but also the employees and the consumer.The elements like 1R, 3I’s,LIP, 1Pledge, 15 commandments,risk factor,flexibility,etc proposed by the Mithi is remarkable achievement which is hardly seen in very few firms which makes Mithi to stand out in the race. You reward performance and I would like to be the worthy candidate for it. Hoping for a positive response.I am thankful for being given me the opportunity to express my opinion about Mithi. 🙂

  • I had learned a long time ago, that doing the same thing every day is not for me as I enjoy problem-solving in fast-paced environments. I am also a people-person who likes to build relationships. Based on everything I read, I would be the point-of-contact with customers. So every day would be different and interesting. I would get to know the customers and build long-term relationships with them. As you said culture is not something that we learn, it’s something we are born with. I’ll be honoured to be a part of your company and grow personally and professionally. And I’m hoping I’ll get the opportunity to be a part of Mithi. Thank You Sir!

  • Hi sir,
    By reading the culture code of Mithi my interest to work for your company has increased in manifolds! I would definitely like to be a part of such a great company which leverages the “Collaboration Advantage” to help enterprises. If the work you do has an impact on the world you sure feel satisfied after a long day at work and I won’t hesitate to deliver my 110% to this company!

  • In the Mithi culture code,Mithi’s contribution to customers success, use of latest technology,existence with eco-system,dynamic and vibrant workspace is excellent.
    The idea of using collab tool i.e ‘Ideolve’ is more appreciative.
    I always happy to work with mithi software.

  • The company has reflected its facets through Mithi culture code and by adding value to society giving back to society with help of Kusum Foundation. This is how an organization should be. Keep doing the good work sir. I appreciate what the company is doing.

  • • Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to the company for giving me an opportunity to apply and share my opinion on MITHI.
    • Going through the MITHI culture deck, it is good to know that MITHI excels in collaborating and contributing a set of rituals, beliefs, values and vision. It is impressive that the organization mainly demonstrates the ability to develop robust SaaS solutions on cloud and aims at making the world more collaborative and cyber secure as it is the need of the hour.
    • It very much clear to me that MITHI recognizes customer needs, builds effective relationships and promotes a learning culture wherein every fresher will be comfortable and not be completely bombarded with technical stuff.
    • Moreover, MITHI provides an interactive, integrated environment and provides a platform for employees to develop innovative solutions as every team member thought is considered. I love the Company’s thought of 1R ,3I and LIP as it will always be and prove to be beneficial to the customers.
    • I truly believe that MITHI’s unity and true potential lies in the perspective of 1 pledge and 15 commandments. I will be grateful and fortunate to work with MITHI because I am truly fascinated with the organization as it not only aims at providing solutions to customers but whole-heartedly works as a family and leads towards the betterment of the world.
    With great zeal and enthusiasm, looking forward to continuing the conversation with MITHI.

  • Hello sir/mam I get selected in mithi culture group of company. And I m so thankful to give me opportunity to give my opinion about our company.
    The culture is what creates the foundation for all future innovation. Corporate culture is an idea that cannot be easily ignored or dismissed for if a company wishes to be financially successful, have a positive reputation, and be in good standing in the community.
    Mithi is focusing on “A Great Team Bounded By A Strong Culture Code” as it shows there simplicity. Mithi’s different polices are great, rule are simple but very effective for personal growth, culture regarding with email is very effective. There is lots of different awards Mithi provide to encourage passion of employs towards the work The fun part is great, I wish all companies accept that fun is very much important for creative ideas.
    Apart from this, Mithi melted my heart for one more reason is that Mithi support and encourage reading, which is the best part for any books lover.
    Very excited to work with Mithi.
    Thank you, for your valuable words sir.

  • I think that Mithi is one of different company than other IT companies. because there working is different than the other. Each and ever employees of this company working for a common goal this is the best this in this company. I think this company is best for those people who want to be better in future.

  • Respected Sir,

    I went through the content that you have shared on your blog regarding the “Mithi Culture code”, and it has left me impressed. I loved the simplistic yet modern culture.

    For a person who is seeking work regarding software development, it best expresses every attribute required.

    I also agree with various points that you have mentioned in the slide, the most important one being, “we expect people to step up, and ignore ones who show no mettle to be leaders”. This is one true fact which i completely agree upon.I also liked the concept of 1R 3I’s and LIP Which is simple and seems fruitful.

    Besides assuring complete involvement in my work, I can conclude that ‘Mithi Solutions’ is one company, by going through its culture code, made me want to get involved with the company.

    I pledge that with 100% devotion and interest, I will contribute in making a better future for the company and myself and take the company levels beyond.

  • As Mithi Software Technologies provides the best way to secure your email and data with the utmost security and I think this is the need of our generation to save the data and to avoid the spams and other interruptions. As company has various products like Skyconnect, vaultastic and clrstream, they are really helpful to secure emails and data. As company has received really overwhelming awards which infers the solidity and the good soundness of the company and company is also coming up with new webinars to help everybody regarding the cloud computing an email security, so I find this is the great platform for anybody to collaborate to secure their data.

  • Looking at the customer base Mithi has gained and maintained successfully ,I’m attracted towards it. In this technological era.. It will be real priviledge to work with such firm serving technology to the society and thus indirectly to serve the society with achieving not only personal growth but also the growth of company as well as society. And for engineers like us I think it is the best way of giving back to the society. I would love to work with the pioneer in this field because of its beautiful culture and innovative peer group I will get to work with.

  • It’s my fortune that I am shortlisted for our organisation, I would like to work with such an reputed organisation.Thank you sir for such an opportunity.

  • Respected Sir/madam,
    If i got the chance to work with Mithi software technology i will be the active member of this organisation for achieving the goals of organisation by utilizing my knowledge and along with this i will ensure a steady growth for self.
    thank you

  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write comments.
    The Mithi Culture Code Concept is really wonderful that binds the Team, gives impetus that aligns everyone towards “Common Goal” and brings the best out of their hard work. Mithi is not only delivering products to their customers but also provides love and support which is really appreciable. This can be understood by, how Mithi is maintaining such a nice long term relationship with their customers.
    The quality of a leader that Mithi defines helps the employee to recognize their talents, skills, creativity and satisfaction towards the work.The 1R, 3Is and LIP principles makes WIN-WIN situation for our Eco-System.
    Basic attributes like Grounded, Empathetic, Flexible, Effective, Integral, Depth not only makes the best out of their employees but also makes them a Perfect Gentleman.The 1 Pledge and 15 Commandments will keep the employee work in team with having the same Goal.
    I always wanted to work with a company which recognizes talent as I want to grow and contribute towards the growth of company with my organizational skills. Looking at the growth trend of your company from last few years it will be an Honor for me to work with such an organization.

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