The Benefits Of Hosted Email Delivery Go Beyond Cost

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The number one reason businesses decide to outsource their email services to a hosting company is because of the lower capital costs associated with it. But the benefits of a hosted mail service go beyond the lower upfront cost.

By choosing a Hosted email service, small and medium businesses can achieve a reasonable ROI and not have to concern themselves with activities such as system maintenance and upgrades.

The Benefits Of Hosted Delivery Go Beyond Cost: Cloud-based email services can be cheaper than running your email on-premise. But shifting email to a cloud-based provider also has the following additional benefits:

  1. Rapidly provision new users:A cloud-based email provider can help you provision a new subsidiary or perhaps for your extended enterprise like agents, partners in hours or days, instead of weeks or months. For example, we recently hosted close to 6000 mailboxes across 30 domains of a group of companies within a matter of days.
  2. Allocate valuable IT professionals to more business-centric projects: Firstly, it is hard for enterprises today to attract and retain quality IT staff especially in an non IT enterprise. So organizations put their IT staff to work on multiple IT projects. By running email on-premise, your IT staff must spend time on email support, may be at the cost of work on other revenue-generating IT projects.
  3. Always run the latest software and configurations without upgrade hassles: As any IT professional knows, keeping client and server software upgraded and safe can be quite a task. For a hosted mail service, this task is taken up by the service provider who keeps it up to date with the latest version/ upgrade running the latest security patches so that the system is safe from any spam/virus attack at all times.
  4. Shift the financial burden from upfront capital expense to ongoing operating expense: For businesses the biggest benefit of Cloud-based Email is that you no longer carry the debt liability of hardware and software assets on the balance sheet. The financing benefit of ‘pay as you go’ instead of a big upfront investment will appeal to anyone concerned with budget and certainly to the CFO particularly in these capital-constrained times.
  5. Higher availability: With email hosted on the cloud, it is easy for you to configure multiple devices for accessing your mail anytime and from anywhere. While a more secure, redundant and high availability system ensures near zero down-times.
  6. Collaborate better with additional features: Depending upon your budget constraints, you can very easily subscribe to additional features as required, adding collaboration features like sharing document, calendars, tasks, events, etc. to enhance your collaboration environment.

What parameters do you look for while selecting an Email solution? Did you come across any other benefit after you chose Hosted Email solution? Do share them in the comments below.

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