Mithi Software features in VARINDIA Magazine – Tarun Malaviya talks about the journey of the company to cloud

VARINDIA Magazine – India’s Frontline IT Magazine wrote an article on Mithi Software published June 1st 2017. The article covered a little background on CEO and Co-founder, Mr. Tarun Malaviya as well as the shift in the company’s business model, from enterprise to cloud.

Excerpts from the article are below:

Technology Orchestration:

For a long time we have been an enterprise software company. Mithi Software has added various features like in-chat and video conferencing as a part of a solution.

Our products are actually an alternative to products such as Microsoft Exchange, Google Suite or Lotus Notes and those are really the big competition that we fight with in the market.

One of the problems with the enterprise software was that we had to do the deployment of the software in the customer’s environment.

The deployment took very long when we brought upgrades of the software. The customers would say that they were not ready and would like to look at the upgrades a little later, making the whole process slow.

Business alignment with AWS:

Moving to the cloud allowed us to give uniform experience to our customers irrespective of size. Today, we have customers from 5 users to 50,000 users.

AWS has brought very high reliability in terms of storage. This has allowed us to expand our solution portfolio. One of the things what we offer in addition to Mithi SkyConnect is an archival solution known as Vaultastic, so all your emails are archived and secure.

For example, banks by law require to keep the information of all transactions for seven years. This means maintaining of all records.

There is a possibility that company data might get lost because of the failure of the system or intentional deletion. Vaultastic offers automated archival that is tamper proof and free from such deletion.

About Mithi Software:

We have about 300 enterprise customers across multiple verticals. This includes BPOs, IT companies, Manufacturing companies and Banks such as Kotak Bank, South Indian Bank, Karnataka Bank, Cosmos Bank, Mahanagar Bank etc.

Read the full article here.

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