Survey Report – Trends in Collaboration Technology and Open Source Software, 2011-2012

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Mithi has recently published the survey report on Trends in Collaboration Technology and Open Source Software. The survey was based on the feedback given by 100 participants during the 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011, an annual event for select CXOs and Delegates organized by Mithi in Sept 2011.

The Collaboration Retreat 2011 offered a first-of-its-kind interactive platform for sharing CIO and CFO perspectives on Collaboration Infrastructure Strategies. About 20 CXOs and over 80 delegates from diverse organisations participated in the conference. Check out the event synopsis and photos.

This report captures the opinions of IT decision makers in organizations across industries regarding the feasibility and future of OSS and Collaboration IT Infrastructure.

Small and medium scale companies dominated the event with 65% participants belonging to them. Large scale and Mid-market enterprises had almost an equal share of participants – 17% and 18% respectively. Respondents belonged to diverse industry spectrum: BFSI (38%), IT (18%), Manufacturing (14%), Services (11%), Education (7%), Education (7%), Telecom (4%), Healthcare (4%).

Here’s a brief:

With the tough economic scenario, and increasing pressure to curtail costs, organisations are considering Open Source based Collaboration Technologies. Organizations will give preference to such collaboration technologies that offer great flexibility in dynamically changing environments while bringing down costs at the same time.

With the Cloud landscape becoming more reliable and robust at flexible pricing models, Cloud based Services will become more preferred outsourcing option across enterprises.

Mobile technology is evolving at a tremendous pace and they continue to offer better collaboration features at lesser rates. With more options being made available to consumers, organizations are looking to expand over-the-air access to the collaboration applications beyond Blackberry and iPhone devices.

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Have you noticed a similar trend? Or have a different viewpoint? Do share them in the comments below.

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