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Connect xf 3.20
carries the best Baya release yet – The integrated collaboration environment that runs of your browser, has been through some big improvements and exciting new feature additions. The new version of Baya is smarter, faster, with more working space and more ways to collaborate than before.

You now have even less reason to travel for meetings, spend time organising meetings or sit through long winding discussions. The new Baya release enable you to quickly exchange messages and information, set-up online meetings and collaborate over designs, reports, plans and ideas, right from your desk. That means lesser meetings and more productive engagements.

More Smarts


  • Better email editor with automated spellcheck
  • Automatic update of the contacts based on your email usage
  • An automated mail box update
  • Easier navigation with continuous scrolling through the email items
  • Onscreen Alerts for new Email and Chat chat messages
  • Onscreen Assistance to get you started quickly with the new features
  • Improved invitation and response handling in the calendar.

More Speed

  • Faster search with better controls
  • Faster sort
  • Many more direct operations making it quicker to go through your mails and organise yourself for the day
  • Several System level upgrades for improved performance

More Space

  • Pop-up windows are bigger making them more comfortable and pop-outs are provided wherever there is a need for additional space
  • Emails can be popped out of the email item list into separate browser tabs to pickout the important/urgent mails to work on. It’s like building a to do list for the email
  • The page layout has been optimised to create more working space with slimmer and retractable windows

More Ways to Collaborate

  • The new release comes with Framebench…the easiest way to review and collaborate over documents, designs, videos…Framebench
  • The video chat app has now been upgraded to include screen sharing to make video meetings more productive…so you can now share application screens, videos, documents etc. from your desktop anything that could make your online engagement more effective.
    The video meeting also now includes a text chat window that enables you to share text messages, information, URLs etc. to make your meeting more productive.

    Baya Video Meeting


    Screen Share

    Screen Share


    Video Chat Roster

    Video Chat Roster

  • All this from your browser interface without having to download or configure another App

Other Improvements

  • The POP Threshold control ensures faster response to users using POP clients
  • Ability to export the list of domains, users, class of services along with other properties eases the work of user management
  • Some reported bugs have been resolved.

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