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In the days preceding the release of SkyConnect 3.26, we heard one question over and over again from IT teams –

Can we have a simple form based interface for Administration vis a vis the advanced grid interface available as the “Application Manager”?

SkyConnect 3.26, sports an easier, sharper and contemporary Admin Panel design, which works from within your (the administrator’s) Baya login.

This new design brings to fore the most frequently used day to day operations by the Administrator in a familiar form based interface and while maintaining the earlier grid based administration interface, pushes it to the background for advanced operations.

This approach of having a dual interface, gives you the best of both worlds:

  • the simplicity and efficiency of a contemporary interface for frequent day to day operations and
  • the flexibility and granularity of a spread sheet like interface for advanced configuration management.

What’s New?

Let us look at some of the day to day directory management operations which have been vastly improved with this new interface.

Direct access to the Application Manager

Once a user logs into Baya, and if he has been given the role of an administrator, he will see the Admin Panel button in the Application switch menu and can directly get access to the admin console with a single click.


Browse Users & Groups on your domain

Using a combination of “Sort”, “Search” and Infinite scroll, you can browse and quickly narrow your focus to the required User and Group nodes for review and action.


Quickly Provision Users & Groups on your domain

The interface enables easy addition of users and groups:

  • One at a time using a form
  • In bulk using a CSV file Import function
  • Export Users

Productivity Tip : While provisioning users, you can directly define that user’s Group membership on the same form. This is a big time saver and dramatically reduces chances of human error (commonly observed pattern – forgot to add the user to relevant groups)

The same tip applies when you are adding Groups – you can define the memberships of the group on the same form so it is all done in one operation.

Edit properties/attributes of Users and Groups on your domain

Commonly modified properties of Users and Groups are brought out in the interface.

For Users, these include

  • Personal properties – Name, Address, Phone, etc
  • Reset Password – You would need this to help a user with a new password, if you haven’t enabled the forgot password capability on your domain
  • Vacation reply – when the user forgets to set out of office configurations
  • Account information – group membership, enable/disable the account, etc.

For Groups, these include :

  • Updating the group membership information (adding/deleting users from the selected groups)
  • Update Group Membership
  • Update group membership using a CSV file
  • Export all or selected group data to a CSV file
  • Account information – enable/disable the account, etc


Easily retrieve and review User and Group information in a spread sheet

Export user and group information, with selected properties in a CSV (Comma separated values) file for easy review using any spread sheet tool like Microsoft Excel or Open Office.

Typically this is required during periodic reviews by the InfoSec team, HR team or Accounts team to tally with their systems.

How do I get access to this upgrade?

If you are a Mithi SkyConnect (cloud service) subscriber, you don’t have to do anything, this is already upgraded on all the nodes and you are using this latest version.

If you are an in premise customer of Mithi, please claim your free upgrade by contacting our customer care team.

How do I know what version of Connect Xf I am using?

We would love to hear your feedback on the release.

Team Mithi

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