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Blog: Secure Your Mail Servers With ClrStream

Ransomware has been one of the biggest threats in the fast growing technological era. This growth is due to that fact that ransomware is getting easier and easier to send and offers a quick and easy return on investment. According to a report released by PhishMe, as of March 2016, 93 percent of all phishing emails contained encryption ransomware. As recent as a few weeks ago,there was a highly effective phishing scam targeting Gmail users, proving that no one is safe.

Introducing ClrStream from SkyConnect. Mithi Software’s latest technological innovation. The new cloud based software service helps protect your organization from email borne threats such as spam, ransomware, virus with spam and virus protection from Trend Micro Systems. Currently priced at INR 1/user/day, the service offers an economical way to ensure email service availability. Providing peace of mind for our busy customers.

ClrStream provides mail scanning with basic disaster recovery and can work for any mail servers such as O365, MsExchange, G Suite, Zimbra etc. It requires zero monitoring with zero hardware and software upgrades.

Want to get your hands on this product? Start a 30 Day, No Obligation Free Trial.

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