SaaS and On Premise Open Source Application Hosting create a Robust & Affordable platform

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Traditionally, most organizations choose between On-premise and SaaS based application deployments depending on the application, requirements and availability of resources to maintain the setup.

There could be organizations who host all their applications on a SaaS model (public cloud), going on to organizations who host some applications on SaaS and some on premise, and some who host all their applications on premise (private cloud).

For collaboration applications deployed at an SMB, Mithi has observed that it might be beneficial to combine both the models. The combination offsets some of the disadvantages of either, while keeping the investment minimal and reducing the operational costs and resources required.

Lets look a few examples of how the Hybrid Email setup (SaaS, Hosted setup at ISP (Mithi SkyConnect) and Connect Xf as an On Premise Mail Gateway server) of Mithi has benefited the customers:

As far as email is concerned, one of the main constraints of Hosting On Premise is the cost of infrastructure, and cost of maintenance but at the same time the benefit of optimizing internal mail traffic (mail between colleagues of the same office) cannot be ignored when the server is local. Here we could look at splitting the functions such that the mail from/to the Internet lands/exits on SkyConnect, which is shared amongst several customers, maintained entirely by the Mithi team, thereby offering the pay as you go model, and with the necessary redundancies to offer the high uptime required for this function. The second part of this is the local mail traffic which can be hosted a local mail gateway server built on Connect Xf. This arrangement is such that even if the local mail server is to go offline, users can access their mail from the SkyConnect setup. This offers a kind of site redundancy for critical mail to flow – Best of both worlds.

Another example where we can combine the best of both worlds is Archiving. While the SkyConnect setup transacts mail flow for the users, maybe including the local mail as well, it could be prohibitively expensive to have an archiving setup on the cloud due to the high storage requirements. We could deploy a local on premise Connect Xf server as an Archival server and configure the SkyConnect setup to push a copy of all the mail transacted by all the users to the on premise Archival server. This saves on infrastructure cost and provides the security and privacy required for the critical data.

An innovative use of the cloud was done by an SMB customer of Mithi, where instead of investing in expensive backup software and media, they subscribed to a backup service on the cloud (SaaS). A simple agent on the servers backs up the data, and copies it to the cloud storage during off peak hours. This provides them the benefit of pay as you go and also gives them a ready access for Disaster Recovery since the back ups are off site.

These are just a few examples. We feel that organisations have to look at innovative ways to implement IT solutions which may combine different hosting models, different platforms, and different applications to provide the most reliable, cost effective and scalable solution to their requirements.

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