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SaaS or PaaS ?

Business should consider carefully whether they want to be delivered  a true SaaS solution (Software as a Service) or an infrastructure-focused PaaS solution (Product as a Service). While the former is about providing Managed Services, the later is about providing Infrastructure and Product. The difference could be big.
Software as a service is usually run by software makers themselves, while PaaS could be provided by third party vendors who provide the Product and the Infrastructure.
The depth of understanding and capability between different PaaS providers could vary considerably, with varying quality of services. On the other hand the software makers usually have the deepest insight into their products and can therefore can exercise the most amount of control on the quality of service around their product.

Leveraging existing Product and learning
E.g. With an installed base of 3,50,000 mailboxes & 600 servers worldwide managing in-house email setups for some of the leading businesses in India and with over 10 years of active development work behind its product, Mithi has a deep experience necessary to deliver high quality software services. Mithi’s cloud based email and collaboration software service is a natural progression, guided by the desire to provide a new delivery channel for an existing product that allowed existing customers quick and easy deployment and a smooth transition to the cloud.
Having the exact same product and service infrastructure that delivers the Connect Xf enterprise software for its SaaS solution SkyConnect, Mithi can deliver a much higher level of service and support to its customers than most PaaS providers.
With both the software maker and the service provider being the same, it is all built, tested, deployed  and managed by one team. As a result, customers are guaranteed a High Quality end user experience, with no buck-passing between platform provider and software vendor.

Devise new features by leveraging cloud capabilities
Mithi chooses to invest in developing new features around customer requirements rather than tool sets. E.g. by evaluating feedback from our customer base, it was easy for us to imagine a service where the customers wouldn’t have to install anything.
Therefore Sky Connect was designed with the following capabilities :
a.       Instant on
b.      Backup/Restore
c.       Remote Access (admin)
d.      Production and Staging
e.      Automatic Updates
f.        24X7 Support SLA.
When moving to the cloud, Mithi took the extra effort to leverage the inherent advantages of the platform we’re using.

Leveraging Capabilities for Flexibility, Performance and Reliability
The built-in security architecture, elaborate policies structure, reporting and strong back end (administrative) system to manage large number of users backed by an experienced support and delivery team ensures 24X7 availability and ensuring optimum performance, are all a result of leveraging the existing infrastructure, knowledge base & experience that comes from supporting mission critical email set-ups.
These features create true points of differentiation that are not easy to replicate by PaaS providers.

Try it for yourself.
As a prospective customers you can see, experience and interact with a product before taking it any further.  A free trial options allows you to create mailboxes on a Private Domain-Creating accounts on your mobile device and Desktop clients. Click here to Try it Now or write to us at for a personalized web demo for any specific feature or configuration.

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