On-Demand Webinar: Cybersecurity: What does RBI and SEBI want from Banks and Financial service companies

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About this Webinar

Financial institutions and banks are facing an ever-increasing growth in Cyber threats & Security concerns with the number of cybercrimes in 2017-2018 at 2,059 cases with a total value of Rs 10.96 billion.

The past year saw cyberattacks on various banks including City Union Bank, Punjab National Bank, Cosmos Bank and the State Bank of Mauritius.

For banks and financial services companies, email has become the primary form of communication with customers, partners, regulatory authorities, and other banks, carrying critical, private information such as bank statements, transaction confirmations, notifications, answers to queries by customers, and more.

Most banks and FS companies (especially the small ones) don't have access to the resources to help them comply with these comprehensive frameworks. With the RBI and SEBI breathing down their necks to ensure compliance, the banks and FS companies are stressed to upgrade their systems to avoid painful audits, penalties and suspensions.

During this webinar we covered:
  1. RBI's & SEBI's 2019 cybersecurity guidelines for email use in banks

  2. Why email has to be secured and preserved in banks & FS companies

  3. Best practices to build a secure email platform

  4. Common queries asked by the auditors

  5. 15 mins of Q&A

Sunil Uttam
Co-Founder and Principal Solution architect
Mithi Software Technologies
Sunil has spent the better part of his work life consulting enterprise customers to deploy scalable, secure, future proof solutions. He has studied these latest RBI and SEBI guidelines and helped our BFS customers get closer to be fully compliant.

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