On Demand Partner Webinar: Earn More by Doing Less with Vaultastic

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Promoting, selling and deploying a numerous set of solutions to your customers can be time consuming. Given your current obligations, adding a New Product to your portfolio, can often eat into your time and teams efforts.

We at Mithi Software, would like to make your life a little easier with our latest product – Vaultastic!

The solution is simple to understand, easy to sell and requires no technical support from your end. It is one of the few products on the market that allows you to earn more with less efforts.

In this webinar, we discussed the following:
  • What is Email Archiving?
  • Why do your clients need it?
  • Why Should you archive on the cloud?
  • Vaultastic & How it works
  • Why Vaultastic?
  • Product Demo
  • Partner Program
  • How will Vaultastic help you to Earn More with Less Efforts?

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