Optimize Costs by managing your Rapidly growing email storage using Vaultastic

Rapidly growing email storage space needs Data Management and not more Storage

Rapidly growing email storage is a top concern with email administrators.

Email continues to be the primary digital identity for online users and a medium of choice for notifications, communications, and alerts.

With increasing digitization, email volume is multiplying, with over 60% of the business-critical information stored in email boxes.

An organization with 200 people using email can accumulate 1TB or more email data in a year. The year-on-year growth in the size of mail stores can lead to substantial growth in email storage costs.

progressive growth of Email data

Why should managing email storage be of concern for IT Teams?

Most cloud email services provide sufficiently large mailboxes that are suitable to start with but soon fill up.

To counteract this storage overflow, the organization needs to either purchase a higher plan with additional storage or clean up individual email stores – a task that can take away many productive hours.

Besides the loss of user productivity, there are other business impacts from email storage getting full:

Performance Degradation

Growing mailboxes overload the email apps and slow down the performance of the email apps.

Cost Implications

Mailboxes approaching their limits need more resources, either as expensive plan upgrades or the purchase of additional storage.

Data & Compliance Risks

To keep within quota limits, users typically download and delete data to create space in their mailboxes, increasing risks for the organization in maintaining a complete record of exchanging information over email.

Hard to Locate information

Unless the organization has subscribed to an Archival service, the lack of a centralized store makes it very challenging to locate old emails when required as a reference or evidence during an audit, investigation, or litigation.

A hierarchical/tiered storage is an easy, scalable solution to this “email storage full” problem.

A hierarchical/tiered storage

Step 1: Capture a copy of all new emails in Vaultastic

  • Configure Vaultastic for live email archival from your mail system to ensure a copy of every email sent/received is captured in tamper-proof vaults.

Step 2: Migrate historical data from live mailboxes to Vaultastic.

  • Migrate old data from the users’ mailboxes to Vaultastic.

Step 3: Reduce Email Storage using a retention/truncation policy on the live mailbox

  • Now that a copy of all old and new emails is available in Vaultastic, you can now apply a retention policy on the live mailbox to keep it small. E.g., delete mail older than 6 months to restrict the growth of the live mailboxes.

Remember, it costs more to store the email data on live mailboxes than in an archival store like Vaultastic that works hard to optimize storage costs. 

Step 4: Access on demand

  • The users (and supervisors) can now access recent emails via the live mailboxes and all older emails from the Vaultastic Ediscovery console, quickly locating specific pieces of information and documents buried anywhere in the email store.

Benefits beyond email storage cost savings of up to 45%

Uniform PerformanceUniform Performance with Mailbox Bloat controlled

Compliance Ready
Compliance Ready with 100% email Preserved and Search ready

Pay per use
Save 30-45% with Pay per use, De-dup, Increased Productivity

Peace-MindPeace of Mind with Cloud Reliability, Scalability, Security

Gain Agility with Automation, APIs & Management

De-risk with Durable Cloud storage, Tamper proof vaults


Using the hierarchical storage capability of Vaultastic, you benefit from preserving all the email data in a central, lower-cost, secure, tamper-proof cloud store, helping you reduce risks, optimize costs and improve data agility.

“By 2019, 75% of organizations will treat archived data as an active and “nearline” data source, and not simply as a separate repository to be viewed or searched periodically, up from less than 10% today.” – Gartner

A central repository of all email makes it easy to use archived data as an active nearline data source.


Explore Vaultastic.

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