On-Demand Webinar: Online training for Baya V3

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With a fresh new design and easy to use interface, Baya V3 is now available to all our customers. Our development team has been hard at work, to make sure that you have an interface that is effortless to navigate through.

With multiple new features added, Baya V3 will help you stay at the top of your game when it comes to your communication and collaboration requirements.

In this webinar we shall run through step by step, the various new features that have been added, and how they can benefit you and your team.


  • The new Interface
  • Working of Email
  • Working of Contacts
  • Working of Calendar
  • Migration from Baya V2 to Baya V3
  • Differences between Baya V2 and V3

Questions asked during the webinar

    • Is it possible to sync calendar and task from Thunderbird to Mithi and vice versa?
      Once a configuration in Thunderbird has been carried out, the calendar can be synced with Thunderbird. Tasks however cannot be synced and will be available in Baya V3 only. Learn How to configure calendar account in Thunderbird
    • For on-premise server, how to take care of Save2sent items during migration?
      Learn how to configure your account in Outlook or Thunderbird
    • Do you have recording and pdf manual?
      You can go through the Self Learning video series on Baya V3. (Email, Contacts, Calendar)
    • While copying data from an excel sheet, can I copy paste directly from the Excel sheet?
      Yes, you can copy paste, just select the data from the excel sheet and paste it in compose.
    • Can I view excel sheets or doc files in Baya V3?
      Currently there is a pdf viewer available in Baya V3, whereas doc and excel files will get downloaded automatically.
    • Can we add a group of participants to Calendar?
      Yes, if you add a participant as a group email id, it will be sent to all the participants present under that id.
    • How can users independently handle their own group through distribution lists?
      There are two ways to do this: One is to create your own personal groups, or you can save the searches in contacts. Learn More.
    • How do we paste images in compose email body?
      There are three ways to do this: One is to simply drag and drop the image in compose, second is copy and paste and third, there is an image option in compose, from where you can import or edit an image.
    • Is rollback available for mail?
      Currently we do not have this capability in our system. Once you hit send, the email will be delivered.

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