Now Easily Add, Remove or Manage Members in your Groups with Connect Xf 3.22

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We’re happy to announce that a new version Connect Xf has now been released with an all new simplified interface to manage memberships of distribution lists/groups.

  • No more hassles of typing user/email ids in a line
  • No more hassles of using the command line interface to add/delete group members
  • No more hassles of adding a user to individual groups one by one.

This new intuitive interface allows you to:

  1. Start with a User and manage the groups this user should belong to
  2. Start with a Group and decide which users should be a part of a certain Group/DL
  3. Search and select users as members of a group
  4. Import and Export lists of users as group members
  5. An easy view of the current members of a group.
Manage group membership by adding and deleting members in more than one way.
Manage memberships of distribution lists/groups.
Learn more about the new and easy group management interface here.

Don’t take our word for it…try it for yourself. If you are an In premise customer, claim your FREE upgrade to Connect Xf 3.22 by responding to this mail.

If you are a SkyConnect cloud customer, you are on an “auto upgrade” path and this feature will be automatically rolled out to you in the next 2 weeks. There will be a short downtime during this roll out and we will contact you with the schedule of this roll out.

Drop in a line in the comments below about what you think of this release!

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