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Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year 2018!

Thank you for signing up to Ideolve. (If you haven’t signed up as yet, head over to for more on what the solution has to offer and sign up here)

We would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief on some of the major developments that have taken place in Ideolve over the last year:



A workspace can be an initiative, project or a team name. Each workspace is separate from the other and you can invite the same or different people to each of your workspaces. You would make separate workspaces to contain notes specific to the context of the workspace, e.g. I could be a part of my company workspace and have my own separate workspaces for my other ventures.

Ideolve now makes it easier to create new workspaces and easier to switch between workspaces to change the context of your work.


Notifications on Mentions

You can draw the attention of another team member with a mention tag, to a note or comment, to initiate a specific action. A separate notification window now enlists notes and comments where you were mentioned by another user using an @tag, which makes it easier for you to navigate to the specific mention, track them easily and respond to.


Search in Notes 

A note in Ideolve typically has a long life and a record of all the discussions on the note since the note was created and shared. In our own use, we’ve seen notes last the lifetime of even a year or beyond, if they are carrying annual plans, weekly reports, strategy discussions, and more. Locating specific comments, attachments or messages in such long notes can be quite challenging.

Now, searching for keywords in notes is much easier and quicker, with the feature to search within a note and its tail of comments.


Note activity log/trail

From the time a note is created, Ideolve tracks every action in the note, right from adding, modifying or deleting comments, attaching files, sharing the note and mentioning people to draw their attention. A new Note Activity pane, now allows you to trace all the action done in the note by the class of activity and by the person who has done the activity. E.g. I can enlist all comments added to a note by a specific user or I can list all attachments added to the note or comments, and so on. This pane is a super navigation tool to work your way around a long note.


The Ideolve Mobile App

The ideolve App is continually growing rich in collaboration capability and it now offers you a choice to share mobile notes via other applications on the mobile device or to other users on Ideolve, making it a more useful companion to Ideolve on the desktop. In addition, the mobile app of Ideolve now integrates with the notification system of your mobile device and pops up activity on your device allowing you to keep track of the activity by other team members in your workspace. Using these notifications, you can navigate to the specific note or comment on the device itself.


We hope you enjoy these new capabilities in Ideolve and can gain more productivity while you work with your teams. A lot of these new capabilities and enhancements have come from listening to you, our users.

We continue to listen. We welcome your suggestions as comments on this post or as an email to support [at] ideolve [dot] com.


As an extended offer: We are happy to announce that the Ideolve Startup plan will remain free of cost for the year 2018. 

We thank you once again for your continued support and look forward to managing your team collaboration needs better.

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