New on Ideolve: Get instant address book access with the Ldap Connector

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Ideolve now integrates with Ldap. System administrators can configure this connector to enable users to easily fetch contacts from their address book using the Ldap protocol.

What is the benefit of using this connector? 

Let’s say, you want to collaborate with your existing team members within the company or with users outside who are not yet on Ideolve. To start collaborating on Ideolve you first require their email address in order to invite and share the note. With the Ldap connector your address book is automatically synced and you can fetch those email addresses on the go!

You no longer have to remember or type out the entire email address. Simply start typing in the name of the person you wish to share a note with, and the email address will be automatically pulled up from your address book.

What are the different options to configure the connector?

The connector can be configured for:

  •  All the users across all the workspaces
  •  All the users in a particular workspace
  •  For a single user across all workspaces
  •  For a single user in a particular workspace

Setting up the Ldap Connector

The following steps illustrate the ease with which the LDAP connector can be configured:

Head over to Manager workspaces, scroll down and select Send Invitation

Open workspace and send invitation

On the invite users widget, click on View or Add Ldap Lookup button

Click on Add or View Ldap Lookup

Next, click on Add a Lookup

Click on Add Lookup

Choose the desired option to configure the connector

Select desired option

Fill in all the required details and test the connection. After successful testing, click on Save

Fill in fields

You can now view the list of lookups available.

View lookup list

Note: SkyConnect users can easily configure the LDAP connector themselves. All users need is their respective email address and password. The other attributes will be as per the following document guide*

* This document demonstrates how to connect the address book to Thunderbird, however, the information to be provided for the ldap connector still remains the same.

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