My Mithi Account v2 – View invoices, pay bills, get help, setup organization contacts, and more

My Mithi Account v2 – View invoices, pay bills, get help, setup organization contacts, and more

We are happy to announce the upgrade in the capability of your Mithi Account customer portal. This will further improve your experience while engaging with us and our services. 

#CustomerFirst  | You asked. We listened. We responded.

Hence, Our goal is to continually increase the surface area of business process automation and empower you with the tools to control the cloud services from a “single pane of glass.”

Here is what your Mithi Account v2 can now help you do:

Billing Desk integrated into your Mithi Account

  • View all your paid and unpaid invoices in one console
  • Download invoices if required
  • Make payments for specific invoices from within the console
  • Generate a consolidated account statement

Define organization contacts for each role

  • Define which of your team members is the primary contact, billing contact, and technical contact.
  • Specific contacts receive different notifications, as per their roles.

Maintain your organization details up to date from your Mithi Account (This helps with KYC)

  • Update details about your organization from the forms provided within the console.

These new capabilities hand over more control to you and your teams, reducing any back and forth communication to access and update information. 

Hence, they are thus saving time, reducing errors, and speeding up the activity.

Learn more about My Mithi Account v2.


To explain these new capabilities and answer your queries, we are conducting a roll-out webinar on Thursday, 11th of June 2020, at 12 noon for 30 mins. Book your spot now.


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