Mithi Software releases Baya 3, the secure, extendable and responsive web client platform for the SkyConnect application suite

Mithi Software releases Baya 3, the secure, extendable and responsive web client platform for the SkyConnect application suite

Mithi Software, the makers of Data Management, Email Security and Collaboration SaaS cloud solutions, announced a major upgrade of Baya, the web client platform for their SkyConnect suite of applications.

Baya 3 is a Secure, Integrated, Responsive and Extendable web platform for Email, Contact Management, Calendaring, Scheduling, Task Management & Collaboration.

Baya 3 is an online application and runs within the browser to access the user’s account over a secure Internet channel. There is no local storage of any data on the endpoint device. With all your data in a central secure store the risks from device failures or loss is reduced.

Users get a wider choice of access device options and can get started instantly with no need to install or configure any software or application on their endpoints.

“At Mithi, we are always looking for ways to improve and make things better for our customers. The need for a more modern framework for the application was being strongly felt by our customers to enable them to work with multiple device types and form factors.” – Sunil Uttam, Co-founder & Chief Solution Architect, Mithi Software Technologies.

The new web platform comes with several new and many improved features to make the life of the end user more productive. These include conversation thread views, drag-drop, context-sensitive menus, fast search across folders, keyboard shortcuts for most frequently used actions, and many more.

“We built Baya 3 for the modern app user. The web client platform now uses cutting edge user interface paradigms to bring a desktop-like feel to the productivity apps on SkyConnect.” – Aditi Malaviya, Co-founder & Product Manager, Mithi Software Technologies.

Some other key improvements rolled out in Baya 3 include an all-new collaborative calendar to help users share and integrate their schedules with people anywhere using any of their own devices and a task function, wherein users can create task lists with sub-tasks, due dates, status etc, convert emails to tasks, classify them with tags to group related tasks and track each task to completion.

A plugin framework allows users to choose from a wide variety of ready to use extensions and to also develop their own extensions using a standard framework, then simply hooking it into the Baya 3 platform, enriching the platform with new capabilities.

This article was originally published on OpenPR.

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