Mithi’s cloud Email and Archival products now available in a special plan for Governments

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Central and State Government organisations handle large amounts of critical data in the form of personal citizen data, project plans & reports, complaints, notifications, user records, public policies, purchases, etc.

With most of this sensitive information being carried on email, it is vital that governments archive all electronic communication in order to comply with the strict laws around email retention.

Add to this, mounting cyberattacks on government organizations having on-premise email solutions with data scattered on various devices such as tapes and drives, can put government agencies at a risk of personal citizen data being compromised.

In order to safeguard citizen data, the Government of India has been on a mission to promote e-Governance by setting up an ambitious initiative – “GI Cloud” which has been named as ‘MeghRaj’. This initiative is focused on providing access to digital and cloud-enabled services to citizens, nodal agencies and public sector organizations, while optimizing the Government’s ICT spend.

The use of cloud services have also been adopted by the Government of Maharashtra. Its Cloud Computing Policy of the State, requiring all Government organizations to use cloud infrastructure services instead of using Government owned data centres, with the options of private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud.

With this shift in mind, Mithi Software’s cloud SaaS offerings namely Vaultastic (email archiving for tamper proof preservation, governance, compliance & ediscovery) and Mithi Skyconnect (secure business email & team communication solution) now have new plans catering to the specialized needs of Government agencies.

The two plans called Record Keeper and Safe-mail offer Government bodies the tools to communicate effectively and preserve their data without any hardware, management or maintenance at their end.

Using Vaultastic and Mithi SkyConnect, government organisations can safely store all their email data in a single location on the cloud, while adhering to the data residency guidelines, along with tools for governance, ediscovery and compliance.

This article was first published on OpenPR

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