Make GDPR Compliance easy for Email with Vaultastic

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Make GDPR Compliance easy for Email with Vaultastic

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in effect May 25, 2018 aims to give more rights to EU residents with regards to how their personal information is being collected, stored and used. EU residents now have the right to request organisation’s to stop using their personal data, return the data or delete it.

How GDPR affects Email

With email being the primary source for communication for businesses, it is an essential first step to find ways to make sure that the information contained within these emails is protected to comply with the new GDPR laws.

Companies storing backup on tapes and drives could be at a higher risk as according to GDPR, individuals could potentially ask for a callback of all tapes and drives in order to erase all their information.

Achieving GDPR compliance using Vaultastic

Vaultastic helps ensure that a backup of all email data is always and readily available. Taking place in real time, the solution ensures that no mail is lost. All mail is stored in a tamper-proof vault that is free from accidental or malicious deletion of mail.

Fast, powerful ediscovery helps in retrieving lost mail or process subject access requests in a short span of time. The solution works with all popular email platforms whether on-premise or on cloud, such as Office 365, G Suite, Zimbra, MS Exchange etc.

Role-based administration and ediscovery access policies ensure that various departments only get access to the information they need to see.

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