Make GDPR Compliance easy for Email with ClrStream

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Make GDPR Compliance easy for Email with ClrStream

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in effect May 25, 2018 aims to give more rights to EU residents with regards to how their personal information is being collected, stored and used. EU residents now have the right to request the organisations to stop using their personal data, return the data or delete it.

How GDPR affects Email

With email being the primary source for communication for businesses, it is an essential first step to find ways to make sure that the information contained within these emails is protected to comply with the new GDPR laws.

Email remains a central point of attack for phishing, ransomware and malware, putting companies at a high risk of data breach. In addition to safeguarding email, it is essential for companies to maintain an easily accessible backup or archive for quick retrieval of any personal information.

Staying compliant with GDPR using ClrStream

Our tie-up with Trend Micro assures that inbound and outbound mail is spam, virus and malware free. Advanced security features such as strict mail policies and access controls etc, helps monitor the incoming and outgoing mail. A built-in disaster recovery system ensures business continuity when the primary mail system is down, allowing your organization to respond to subject access requests rapidly.

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