When to use POP, IMAP or Web client

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End users can access their mailboxes via web clients or desktop email clients such as Outlook / Outlook Express / Thunderbird etc. When configuring a desktop email client to check the incoming mail, the connection to the server can be an IMAP or a POP connection.

Organizations need to decide on a mail access policy depending on a number of factors such as the messaging server architecture, available bandwidth on the connections from the user’s desktop to the server, mail archiving policies, etc. The following paragraphs will help administrators decide on a suitable policy for individual users. System administrators can define a global policy or define different policies for individual users / groups of users.

POP access from a desktop email client

When to use POP access

When NOT to use POP access



IMAP access from a desktop email client

When to use IMAP access

When NOT to use IMAP access



Web mail access using a browser

When to use web mail access



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