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Less Effort-More Money: Partner with Mithi

If you are a Mithi Partner OR a Reseler, System Integrator, or a Cloud service provider, this blog is for you. Please read on.

IDC predicts that the cloud computing market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 40 per cent by 2014, from an estimated $66.7 million in 2009, driven by cost and performance efficiencies.

“As cloud service brokerage grows, Indian IT players are getting ready to shift with the inevitable change in business models, partnerships and job requirements” says Gartner

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Fine there is Opportunity, but Why should I Partner with Mithi?

With a customer base of over 200 leading enterprise customers, spanning across industries/verticals, a highly flexible, mature and scalable product, and a growing ecosystem of technology, business and implementation partners, Mithi is well poised to address this opportunity.

Mithi offers In-premise, Cloud-based or Hybrid email and collaboration solutions based on its Industry leading collaboration platform Mithi SkyConnect that are – Easy to Deploy, Easy to Manage and Easy to Scale up.

Mithi offers a high touch Support/Services model ideal for providing Indian customers a great overall Service Experience.

Mithi + You = Success

We believe that a vibrant Partner network would be an intrinsic part of our growth strategy. We are constantly enhancing our product, marketing tools, presales support and service/support infrastructure to help our partners succeed. We have tied up with some of the best known technology, SI and IDC partners in the country. Mithi is expanding its partner ecosystems, and welcomes partners with expertise and experience in the fields of System Integration, Cloud Computing (SaaS), Enterprise software selling and Data Center services.

Besides no upfront cost to sign up with Mithi, you stand to gain from the following benefits

  • Access to Mithi’s large customer and prospect base
  • Strong Online backend support for product presentation, presales consulting, solution designing and sales closure.
  • Access to Mithi’s extensive product documentation and knowledge base.
  • Free Product Training.
  • Best in class Margin on the Deal

But I don’t know about your product and don’t have a spare team to put on this

For a start, you don’t need to know too much. We can kickstart your team with a few hours of sales training and then support them technically from a central Presales back bone, operated by trained and senior resources with years of experience consulting small to large enterprises setup their collaboration infrastructures. As far as technically convincing the prospect, you will really have to do nothing much. That is why less effort πŸ™‚

Hmm…sounds interesting, so tell me more?

Once you have signed the agreement, its as simple as this:

  1. If you have customers with real problems or requirements for setting collaboration infrastructures for their teams, we can get started.
  2. The central Mithi Presales team engages with them to understand their requirements, show them demos, walk them through online trials, convince them technically and get them to the proposal stage. You are kept in the loop through this whole process so you have full visibility.
  3. You step in, to close the deal and walk away with your commission, which is both lucrative and has a recurring component for the next 2 years if the customer stays on.


So What are you waiting for…sign up now, Its easy.

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