On Demand Webinar: Keep legacy email data safe and search ready with zero hardware

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As employees come and go, your organisation generates a lot of email data, which needs to be retained for extended periods of time as mandated by regulation and also to build a corporate archive.

To contain this mailbox bloat, users have to keep on downloading email locally and delete these email to stay within specified mailbox quota limits.

Thus for active users and ex-employees, the email data gets splintered across end points and storage devices in various formats.

This fragmented email data, spread across the organisation, is difficult to access when required.

The splintered data poses a risk for the organisation and can cause friction while migrating between email solutions or moving the email solution to the cloud.

In addition, none of this data can be searched easily or recovered when required.

What if there was a cost-effective way for you to import/upload all of this splintered legacy email data in a central safe repository and have all this online and search ready, at 20% the cost of holding it on your primary email platform or storage mediums?

Join us on this pure solution-centric webinar where we discuss one simple strategy to help you manage your legacy email data effectively.

Questions asked during the webinar

    • With respect to cost, can you compare between a typical method for mail retention and the HOLD method?
      The difference in cost would depend on the organisations current method of mail retention, as there are a couple of ways to maintain legacy data. For example, one of the methods is disabling the account, so no new mail is received but maintaining the mailbox in a suspended state.

      In this case the organisation ends up paying as much for the suspended mailbox as for a live user. If the Hold method is deployed however, there is close to 70% cost saving as the storage is charged at a per GB per year rate. Learn more.

    • Who gets access to the Hold vault?
      Vaultastic is based on Role based access control, wherein the admin can decide whether to give limited or full access to other users, higher management etc.
    • Is there any limit to migrating data out of Vaultastic?
      There is no limit to this. Data migration can be done either over the internet for smaller quantities of data or using the amazon snowball for large quantity migrations.
    • In what format can data be uploaded into Vaultastic?
      Historial data can be uploaded into Vaultastic in PST/EML/MBOX file formats. If files are present in another format, then they simply need to be converted to the supported file formats. Get an overview of the process of uploading historical email data to Vaultastic.
    • Do you have any ssl encryption while my data is travelling?
      Yes. Vaultastic is built on the principles of “Encrypted at Rest” and “Encrypted in Transit”, which ensures that no unauthorised “eyes” can sniff or see your data. Read more about Vaultastic’s multi layered security framework.

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