Is Collaboration defining the shape of business today?

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Andy McLoughlin Co-founder and EVP Strategy at Huddle says – “Rather than being a self-contained unit, today’s enterprise is an increasingly fluid network of customers, partners and suppliers”

This trend in today’s enterprise, he says, is fueled by Collaboration tools that are removing the communication barriers between organizations. He adds – “…Thanks to online collaboration tools, the fragmented flow of information across organizations is now becoming a thing of the past. The enterprise is no longer dictated by inflexible legacy technology, but shaped by collaboration tools that let groups form naturally and enable everyone to participate.”

Organisations are becoming more and more amorphous. With much work getting done through part timers, apprentices, trainees, consultants, suppliers, partner companies etc. More and more of what the enterprise does is done outside. Even very large organisations like Microsoft, IBM, Toyota, Apple, Tata Motors etc. have to rely on a outside support for a range of skills and/or to add capacity.

Michael Dell, CEO and founder of Dell Inc. believes that in 2020 we’ll see vastly more collaborations with distributed and self organising teams across enterprises, and geographies and across business-customer boundaries to work out more Combinatorial innventions that build unique new solutions.




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