Vaultastic ‘Hold’ plan To Retain Email Data of Inactive Users

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Introducing Vaultastic ‘Hold’ plan to Retain Email Data of Inactive Users

According to a Radicati report, by the end of 2019, the number of worldwide email users will increase to over 2.9 billion.

With this increase in volume and importance in email communication, organizations are keen to archive & retain email data not just for compliance and legal requirements, but also as a means to secure information.

Some organizations, if not all, have a policy of email retention, for a defined period, should they face litigation or compliance audits. Furthermore, Archived mails are also useful as a reference or to restore lost data.

Today, multiple cloud email solutions offer the option of adding an archive folder to the primary mailbox to form a complete email retention and archival suite.

But what happens to the email data once an employee leaves the organization? 

There are two possibilities here:

  1. Deleting the primary mailbox of the user, which results in automatic deletion of the archive mailbox as well.
  2. Maintaining the primary mailbox in a suspended or inactive format so as to keep the archived information.

Since the first option is not really an option, companies are often burdened with additional expenses to maintain suspended mail boxes.

In addition, mail services do not allow transfer of subscriptions (usually per mailbox). This leads to organizations having to pay double the cost each time an employee exits and another joins.

Organizations can end up accumulating multiple inactive inboxes with costs running anywhere between USD 25-100 per user, per year.

So how to retain email data of ex-employees?

With the new Vaultastic HOLD plan, customers can retain email data of their ex-employees without maintaining the primary mailboxes.

The new email archiving pricing plan is a storage based plan and works for active and inactive users.

Vaultastic, a secure email archiving solution, helps retain your mails forever, offering historical mail upload.

All archived mails are in an encrypted read-only format, making the solution tamper proof, free from accidental or malicious deletion of mails.

Customers can now access their archived data without having to maintain primary mailboxes, reducing the cost and increasing data security.

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