International customers can now benefit from the revised price across all Vaultastic plans

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International customers can now benefit from a major price drop across all Vaultastic plans

We are happy to announce a revised prices across all plans of Vaultastic for our International customers.

Launched in 2016, Vaultastic is a cloud email archiving solution providing Archival, Compliance, Ediscovery & Backup automation. Served from the AWS cloud, Vaultastic provides data durability of 99.999999999%. The solution can archive mail seamlessly from G Suite, Office 365, Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Notes (Lotus Notes), cPanel, MailEnable, Postmaster and other email solutions.

As we expand our global footprint, we continue to find ways to make Vaultastic offer even better value. We understand that the price to performance is an important consideration when choosing an email archiving solution.

Keeping this in my mind, we have have been working with our suppliers to drive down costs while also finding ways to engineer a solution that is increasingly more efficient and cost-effective.

The prices come into effect immediately and are also applicable to existing international customers from their next billing cycle.

In addition to reducing our prices, we also give customers options that help them to optimize their use of Vaultastic. For example, by supporting mixed plan subscriptions in one customer account, we allow the customer to buy the appropriate plan as per the role of the person. This means the customer pays only for what they use. Try out our pricing calculator to get a suitable quote for your business.

We are excited to hear your stories on how you have put Vaultastic to use for your archiving and compliance needs.

Ready to go to the next step?
We suggest you watch a video of how email archiving works, use a live demo account of the product (no sign up required) and then sign up for a no-obligation free 30-day live trial.

Want an in-depth discussion? 
Our archival experts are ready to talk to you, one on one to suggest archival best practices, to help you manage email storage better, learn how to make use of all the archived business email for business intelligence and stay ready for regulation compliance. Contact us today.

Want to just keep updated with the latest in Email Archival?
Watch recordings of email archiving webinars to understand in depth how enterprise email archiving can benefit you. Most of our webinars are well-researched stories about live customer use cases, as narrated by the customer and an AWS team member Live.

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