I will fight…


Who are these wise guys telling us not to agitate?
Who are these people telling us not to take sides?
Who are these people reminding us of the institutions of democracy and supremacy of the parliament?

I will fight because Ram did so.
I will take sides because Krishna did so.
I will agitate because Gandhi did it.
I will protest because Martin Luther king did it.
I will even go to war because Abraham Lincoln did it.

When the cause is the greater good, the bigger truth, a fight is justified.

In the name of law making the government has given unto itself unrestricted and arbitrary amount of power to run roughshod over us using the legislature, the police, the judiciary, the executive, and the bureaucracy.

Things have gone way too far. Tyranny has been foisted on us in the name of democracy.

This is not about the drafting of one bill, this is not about the crusade of one man, this is not even about corruption alone. It is about the freedom from a system that is increasing seeing us as pawns to be made use of as per its will.

It only starts with the Anna. It only starts with the Jan Lokpal bill.

It is incumbent on the government to climb down from its high horse and reach out to the people.

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