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Email archiving is fast moving from being a static repository of email, used only in case of an investigation or mail recovery, to a live near source of information, for gaining business insights and locating useful information. Especially useful is the feature that can search for mail messages across mailboxes.

To achieve this, however, you would need a system, which ensures that each mail, no matter how old, is kept indexed and search ready for instant retrieval.

To locate mail in this ever-growing pool of email, you would also need powerful indexing and search tools, which can allow you to dive deep into the email pile and pull out useful information.

Vaultastic ediscovery, is one such powerful and flexible search tool, which is backed by a robust and highly scalable indexing backbone, to enable you to pick out an email in a matter of seconds. Each mail that is archived, is indexed automatically on ingestion and is stored in an always online highly durable data store for discovery, access, and retrieval. No tapes, no drives, no devices.

Vaultastic Ediscovery, indexes every mail in the archive store on the various attributes of an email from the headers, message body, and attachments, to enable deep searches in a matter of seconds.

Using the ediscovery, a user (having been given access to this tool) can quickly search across all folders and mailboxes using a combination query based on grouping, partial matches, exact matches, date ranges etc.

The ediscovery app which has been available in Vaultastic since May 2017, is accessible to administrators and end users from the self-service portal.

The improved ediscovery interface now makes it easier and faster to derive meaning from all the accumulated data and also collaborate with other team members to hold discussions on specific email found via the search. Users can now search through mails using two methods, viz. first is using the quick search box and the second to define a search filter (which can be saved for future reuse).


Quick Search

Using the quick search box, one can quickly specify a word or a phrase, which will be used to search within all the attributes of an email, including the attachments for a match.

For example, if you want to search for the keyword mail appearing anywhere in the header, then simply enter mail in the quick search box and press enter.

Ediscovery interface quick search (Keyword)


To search for a phrase live webinar, enter the string live webinar in the search box. Result will show all the mail containing the phrase live webinar in any of the fields, viz. sender, recipient, subject, body, or attachments.

Ediscovery interface quick search (phrase)


Saved, reusable search filters

Another way to search using the eDiscovery portal is to use a Search Filter. You can form a search filter based on mail attributes viz. sender, recipients, keywords in the subject, message body and attachments, and date ranges.

The search filter can be saved and fired up with a single click. It is extremely useful to record frequently required filters to scan the email database for usage patterns, useful information, breaches, quality gaps, and more.

Ediscovery interface Saved Search


Collaborate on email found via search

Once you find email via ediscovery, what can you do with them?

You can export the search results into a CSV for recording and share with other team members. The CSV will contain meta-information about the search results and can be used for discussing specific incidents located in the search.

Going beyond this, Vaultastic now allows you to export email to a collaboration platform like Ideolve, for deeper discussion and collaboration with other team members. Ideolve is a new platform for team collaboration that simplifies collaboration around ideas and initiatives.

Once an email is exported to Ideove, it can be shared with other team members for comments and observations from various stakeholders.


Ideolve Interface


Popular ediscovery Use Cases

Customers from enterprise both large and small can greatly benefit from using the ediscovery app in Vaultastic.

For example, one of our customers, a leading consumer goods manufacturing company has tackled a unique requirement, of analyzing customer facing communication for quality gaps and learning opportunities. Another customer uses it to supervise the exchange of sensitive and confidential information related to pricing and other offers being shared with customers. This has helped managers track unsolicited and confidential information being leaked out of the organization.

Another customer in the US, bound by compliance and audit regulations, has utilized ediscovery to scan email communication for contract breaches, and using saved searches with a large set of keywords. If breaches are detected, the mails are exported to Ideolve for a discussion between compliance officers and auditors.

In conclusion, the Vaultastic ediscovery interface is an even better tool now, making it much easier for organizations to search, retrieve and analyze information in order to gain business insights, or investigate into quality issues and breaches.

Ediscovery is likely to become more popular vis a vis the search provided on the regular email clients for primarily two reasons: one, the speed of search and sophistication of the search interface and two, for adopting a split storage architecture, where only the most recent mail is retained on the live mailbox (typically a period of time like 3 months) while the rest is moved to the archival with ediscovery to retrieve mails on demand.

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