Comply with Email retention regulations in India and cut costs using cloud email archiving

Comply with Email retention regulations in India and cut costs using cloud email archiving

In the era of technology, interactions and conversations have moved to various forms of electronic communication, of which, email still remains the primary mode in business.

A myriad of important document exchanges ranging from offer letters, financial statements from the banks, property documents, unique identity services, authorization and authentication systems, now happen over email.

But what happens if this information is lost, stolen, or deleted?

42% of data breach in India occurs due to malicious or criminal attacks, with 30% due to system glitches and 28% due to human error. The cost of a data breach in India has been on the rise from INR 6 Crore in 2013 to INR 12 Crore in 2018 – Data: IBM security and Ponemon Institute.

In addition, with laws such as the Information Technology Act 2000, SEBI and the most recent Data Protection Bill, 2018, it becomes not only essential but necessary to safeguard and retain electronic communication in India.

In this 30 minute webinar, Mr. Saket Agrawal, Account Manager-Enterprise Solutions, Mithi Software, will address how a cloud email archiving solution can help you formulate a sound retention policy, protect all your email data and keep you away from the stinging costs of data breach.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • What is an email retention policy
  • Reasons to implement a retention policy
  • Laws in India mandating email retention
  • What to look for in an archiving solution
  • How Vaultastic can help with email retention
  • Unlimited Q&A

Questions asked during the webinar

    • Is an audit trail available for various incidents?
      Yes we do maintian audit trails. Every activity performed is logged in the system. All the content is encryted, which means that we do not have access to your content, but we can maintian trails for you, which you can publish or share as and when the need arises.
    • How is indexing done?
      All incoming and out going mail is scanned, so that the system can pick data items such as time of mail, date of mail etc to enable fast search during ediscovery.
    • Can we restrict access of Vaultastic outside of local premises? Users cannot access Vaultastic remotely?
      Yes this is possible. We can restrict access to trusted IPs and trusted IP ranges.
    • Can we search for mail in Vaultastic, based on attachment size?
      This feature is currently unavailable, but its an input shared with the development team. However in the meantime, depending on your mail solutions attachment size policy, as long as any attachment which is adhering to this policy is being received in your primary system, it will get archived and can be searched for in Vaultastic.
    • How is it different from other cloud services like Microsoft O365?
      There are several differences between Vaultastic and Microsoft Office 365 E3 or E5 solutions. One is, that Vaultastic is a cross platform solution, unlike Office 365 solutions, which are platform agnostic, and can only be used with their own systems. This cross platform nature of Vaultastic gives users the freedom of switching between primary mail servers, should the need arise and keeps them away from vendor lock-in.

      Commercially, Vaultastic can help users save roughly 60% of their costs, when compared to an Office 365 solution. Vaultastic also offers a plan exclusively for storing legacy data. Known as the Hold plan, users are charged on a per GB basis, saving them from the cost of having to maintain suspended mailboxes, backup tapes etc. Learn more

    • How is it beneficial for small scale organizations? Considering the cost of email retention on cloud vs. on external disks?
      Unlike large scale businesses that have the capability and capacity to maintain their own data, as well as the DR infrastructure for the same, SME’s run their business predominantly through emails. A lot of collaboration takes place over email, if this email is backed up on external disks, the organisation will always be as risk of the disk getting corrupted. In addition, as most of the data is stored in PST files, it is a known fact that PSTs that are 1.5-2 GB in size, on average get corrupted between 3-4 years.

      Backing up on external disks is notional, as a backup is a snapshot of the current state of the mailstore. Therefore any mail deleted between two backup cycles will be lost. Vaultastic on the other hand, archives data in line and in real time, in a tamper proof vault, ensuring that no mail is lost or deleted.

    • What happens with licensing when an employee leaves? Does their searchable email archive remain intact?
      Nothing happens to the email in the archive until you delete the user from admin account. However, a cost effective way to handle employees who have left your organisation is to move them to the HOLD plan, where we retain the already accumulated mail for life, they are still search ready and accessible from the central console. This is a cost effective plan to retain static mail at a lower cost and is based on storage utilization. Learn more
    • Can Vaultastic be accessed through a smart phone?
      Vaultastic currently is only web based, so it can be accessed on Mobile or Desktop through any browser. Our team is working on developing a mobile app to bring to the users.
    • Is there any facility of filtering of mails and then archiving as more than one user receives the same mail?
      Vaultastic is per user based and each Vaultastic account is linked to a particular primary user ID. At a user level, each individual user shall receive access to his or her Vaultastic account and view mails.
    • Can we add users in bulk to Vaultastic?
      Once your domain is provisioned on Vaultastic, users are added to the domain automatically. However you can add users manually in bulk through a CSV file. Learn more
    • We at Mithi are the custodians of your data which means, that you are the owners of the data and we simply help store it for you. We do not get any access to the content of your data and this data can be downloaded or exported from Vaultastic at any point in time. Learn more

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