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As part of our #whiteboardseries, we bring to you a series of short videos that we hope will help your organisation increase productivity and efficiency.

In the video above, Mr. Sunil Uttam, Co-founder, Mithi Software, we explain various methods available to migrate large volumes of email data from the archival platform into the customer environment.

This system of easy data out ensures that Vaultastic will never create a vendor lock-in situation. The platform is merely a custodian of the data, while the customers are the owners of the data.

To migrate PST and EML files you can use either the internet (for small volumes) or the Amazon Snowball (for large volumes).

Video Transcription

Hey good afternoon friends, welcome to the next episode of our whiteboard series. I am Sunil Uttam, Co-founder & Principal solution architect at Mithi. So my job is to consult customers on the best possible solutions in the architecture, for their environment. So here we are talking about a very hot topic, with our customers and our prospects that once I onboard data onto your platform, which is Vaultastic, how can I get it back when I need to. Is there a way out, is there a data exit strategy which we have thought about. So yes we have and with the primary intention of putting you at ease and making sure that we are just the custodians of the data and not the owners of the data.

How it works

Let’s go through that. So at this end you have Vaultastic where the data has been ingested over many years let’s say and it has accumulated there in the vaults. You have been using it and you have a need to pull out data from Vaultastic for some compliance purpose or some investigation purpose or maybe to exit our platform, for whatever reason.

So there are two ways now, the data which comes out of Vaultastic comes in two essential formats which is PST and EML. Both contain messages and emails and they come to you from the console, where you decide what information you want by doing search and then telling the system, please send it to me.

So there are two ways, one is if the volume of data is very small, you can just get that over the internet, so you log in to Vaultastic, log in to the self service portal, get your data, find your data which you need to take out and just export it as a PST or EML and it will come to you onto your mail system, you can just download it over the internet. But you cannot do this if the data is too large.

In case it is very large, let’s say in terabytes, what you might want to do is, tell the system to dump it onto a S3 bucket which belongs to you. So we have a procedure to do this, so in your account, you will create a S3 bucket, a container, which will take all this information from Vaultastic, put it into the bucket in your account and then
from there, you have the option to pull it into your environment, either via the internet or using a physical device which is called the Amazon Snowball.

Now we spoke about this in our last video, where we discussed how you can very easily import data from your own environment into Vaultastic. A similar procedure works in the reverse, so from your bucket either you can leave it there because now this belongs to you and you have managed to pull all this information out and on demand you can pull out whatever you want. Alternatively you can download all of it into your physical environment on your DC. So these are the ways you do this.

This is billable to you, because there is a charge involved to download data from Amazon. It’s a one time cost, of course which we will put into the charge of downloading data. This you pay for the internet cost at your last mile. This all bills to you, because you hold the data in your account, and you download it, over your internet or using a snowball which you rent out.

But there is a way to get the data. And this cost is a small cost compared to being not able to access that data. So we have designed a system which prevents a vendor lock-in. You keep it with us, we safe keep it for you, you can use the information, but whenever you need, it’s yours.

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