Don’t WannaCry? Then Protect Endpoint Devices with Vaultastic and ClrStream!

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Don't WannaCry? Then protect your endpoint devices with a sandwich deployment!
Security threats continue to evolve, with attackers becoming more inventive and violating company protection and security. The recent WannaCry Ransomware attack took a huge toll worldwide, with over 150 countries severely affected. The attack, first discovered on May 12, 2017, is described to be unprecedented in scale. According to the Kapersky Lab report, the 4 most affected countries were Russia, Ukraine, India and Taiwan.

The biggest challenge when it comes to ransomware attacks such as WannaCry is protection and safety of your endpoint devices. Recovering from an attack can be a nightmare! The lack of backup devices and software make retrieving and restoring data a slow and tedious affair.

A very effective solution that can guarantee the security of your current email communication and ensure email data security is a Sandwich Deployment of your Mail System with ClrStream and Vaultastic at the two ends.

The Sandwich Deployment Solution:

At the top, all mails get filtered through the ClrStream system, ensuring that only clean mail enters your servers and endpoint devices. The system provides world-class defense against spam, virus, ransomware and other malware. Access to inbound and outbound mail for 7 days with the ability to reply to & forward retained mail helps assure email service continuity even when the primary mail server is unavailable for any reason.

At the bottom, there is Vaultastic, creating a separate and encrypted read-only copy of both incoming and outgoing mails. This assures that an email backup is stored safely for easy recovery in case the primary mail server is compromised. The AWS cloud safely backs all the emails, providing guaranteed data durability of 99.99999999999%. In addition, Vaultastic provides an easy DIY user interface to search, retrieve or restore specific mail.

Both solutions work seamlessly with Office 365, G Suite, Exchange, Zimbra, IBM Notes and other email solutions. These systems come with automatic software updates, a 99.99% availability for high uptime and 24/7 support.

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