On Demand Webinar: Discover How Vaultastic Integrates with your existing Email Infrastructure

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Email is an official record and the de-facto tool for corporate communication. Having central access to all the email data allows companies greater flexibility and security in terms of finding all data for contractual obligations, mandatory compliances and legal matters during internal audits.

Vaultastic is a platform-independent solution that can archive mail from your existing email platform to simplify email management and for data loss prevention of Exchange, G Suite, Zimbra and other enterprise solutions. Our solution supports mixing subscription plans to optimize costs and pay only for what you use and need for the shared SaaS model.

In addition, Vaultastic can be deployed as a dedicated instance to meet the privacy and regulatory requirement of larger enterprises. Vaultastic offers reliability and security by providing 99.99999999999% data durability from its enterprise data protection services Encrypted and read-only mail data with access over TLS, activity audit logs, role-based administration, add more layers of security.

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In this webinar we spoke about:
  • What is Email Archiving?
  • Why Archive Email?
  • Why Archive Email on the Cloud?
  • How does Email Archiving work?
  • Why Vaultastic?
  • Vaultastic for Hosted & On-Premise Email Solutions
  • Vaultastic Product Demo

Questions asked during the webinar

  • Can I transfer mail from my Yahoo account to the Vaultastic account with the same address?
    We do not have enough information to know if Yahoo supports the Journaling feature. In any case it may be possible to set email forwarding for all users to the corresponding Vaultastic email id of these users to enable archiving of inbound mail. In this method, sent items will not get archived. Alternatively, users can choose to use other email solutions offered such as G Suite or O365 or even the in-built solution SkyConnect offered by Mithi to make use of the Vaultastic journaling feature, and archive both sent and received mails. In both situations there will be a domain created for the users. For example, suppose your primary domain is mithi.com. The archive domain will be mithi.www.vaultastic.com. Similarly a domain will be created for all users through one-to-one mapping. All emails for individual users will be saved in individual vaults.
  • Are we required to deploy any software or database in case of an O365 setup?
    There is no need to deploy any software or database, the Vaultastic connector for O365 uses the Journaling feature which is available in O365 and all other popular email platforms. It allows to send a copy of every mail (both sent and received by the user) to an independent and one-to-one mapped Vaultastic store.
  • Does Vaultastic support message or attachment stubbing?
    Vaultastic does not stub the original mail, instead a copy of the original mail is maintained in Vaultastic, independent of the primary mail platform.
  • How many domains can be created on Vaultastic?
    There is no specific limit to the creation of domains.

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