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Culture is values in play. Culture is something, we absorb and make it part of us. Not something outside of us.

Culture exerts a tug that might even run counter to the diktats of those in authority and the leaders. They may not be bound by it, they may even be the one who seed it, define it, move it forward and keep it alive, but it still does weigh in on them.

Some Examples can best illustrate this. One of the cultural values of our enterprise is the ability to take something (even a bad situation) and make it better. Some instances that come to mind are – the monthly meeting, the restriction on traveling for sales, the delays in closing engineering projects, the failure of on site training and so on, all of these have been taken and made into something better.

Some of the tenets of our culture are, honesty, persistence, adaptability, sincerity, frugality, quality, innovation etc. These are values that play themselves out everyday. These are the values that will get reflected in any story about us.

It’s hard to enforce a culture. It is hard to create one. It grows as a natural outcome of a few leaders and heroes living by certain values and choices.

Workplace branding on the other hand is about how the world outside and at large see us. It starts with what we are. Our products, our track record, our history, our accomplishments and so on. If people like what we are, there is a natural interest in the stories of how we got there. If the people find this interesting, they would then want to know about who we are as a team and individuals (our special interests, character and so on.)

This is how the emotional bond between the outside world and us is built.

Naturally, our foremost work in workplace branding is to be better, to make things better. Talking more about ourselves, is hardly a way to build this brand.

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