Case Study: Mahindra leverages cloud email and collaboration platform for greater team productivity and scalability

Mahindra-Case Study


An assorted group of hosted email solutions were used for Mahindra’s smaller group companies, CSR initiatives and external entities like distributors, customers, dealers and partners. This posed quite a few problems in terms of dispersed data, lack of control, inability to implement group-wide policies, etc. Project Harmony ensured that these dispersed email systems were consolidated on a common platform at their corporate data center.


Phase I- Used In premise Mithi Connect Xf Email Server:
Connect Xf (Mithi’s on-premise email and collaboration solution) was implemented in a centralized multi-server architecture at the corporate data center, which consolidated 9 domains of the group in a single site.

Phase II- Migration to Mithi SkyConnect on the Cloud:
As a part of their long-term strategy, Mahindra wanted to leverage cloud technologies which would have a direct impact on the business, while minimizing their resource utilization for the daily operations. Mahindra has migrated to Mithi’s cloud based email and collaboration solution, This has provided higher level of reliablity, uptime with the ability to scale on demand and additionally freed up internal resources, who could focus on business centric IT projects within Mahindra.

“With Mithi solution ported onto the cloud now, it has become even more manageable, cost-effective and scalable to accommodate future growth”

– Mr. Vishwas Pawar,
Manager, Corporate IT, Mahindra & Mahindra

Top Benefits:

  • Ease of management and policy control due to consolidation of multiple email domains in a single site.
  • Significantly reduced the cost of managing multiple email domains.
  • The migration to cloud email and collaboration helped the team in being always connected.
  • Cloud email provided higher level of reliability and scalability required by a large setup like Mahindra.
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