Can we use a desktop based bulk mail software to send mail via Mithi SkyConnect?

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To prevent misuse and SPAM from the service, Our solution accepts mail over SMTP with the following restrictions:

  1. A single mail cannot be to more than 35 recipients.
  2. A single user/emailid cannot send more than 150 mail a day unless you make a special request and we will whitelist that particular ID to be able to send upto 5000 mail a day. No email ID can send more than 5000 mail a day.
  3. All SMTP transactions are authenticated and the email id used as a sender should be from the configured domain only.
  4. The maximum size of the mail can be 15 MB

Note: The above values are true at the time of writing this article. For the latest up-to-date information on the policies applicable at Mithi SkyConnect, please click here.

You may review with the features of your bulk mail software to confirm that it adheres to the above policies especially:
1. Authenticated sender id
2. Sending one mail per recipient so that it doesn’t cross the maximum recipient limit.

Please note that either ways any single ID would be restricted to maximum of 5000 mail a day (which we will whitelist once you make a request to us).

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