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Organisations are becoming more and more amorphous. With much work getting done through part timers, apprentices, trainees, consultants, suppliers, partner companies etc.

It is therefore hard to have everyone share the same values and understanding.

Even within the organisation, not all people share the same values. Rapid attrition and diverse influences impact the extent to which values and beliefs carry within an organisation.

So, firstly we need to talk about our values often enough and clearly enough so that we can build at least a critical mass of people within and outside the organisation who truly agree with these values.

This set of people (call them the executive team or business leaders) are critical to directing and moving the enterprise (and the extended enterprise) in a coherent manner. Else conflicting interests and ideas can paralyse and make any enterprise dysfunctional.

Even very large organisations like Microsoft, IBM, Toyota, Apple, Tata Motors etc. have to rely on a wide range of temps and suppliers for their skills and/or to add capacity.
Not everyone of these have the desired capability or capacity at any given time.

Here again, the business leaders are required to help augment the available skills, with the help of Specifications, Designs, Project Management, Quality Standards, Processes, Methods, Information Systems etc. to create the necessary capacity and set the right direction.

Whenever we face a challenge in working with others, we need to look inside to see what we can do to interface better with the outside. The world won’t change for us, we must learn and adapt and change ourselves to help us engage better with the world outside. Whilst still retaining our core values as an enterprise and people.

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